riley matthews appreciation week ✿ day 7: rowan blanchard / free choice

“You recognized that you don’t have to know who you are yet, or ever; as long as you work to become comfortable with whomever you are at the moment, you will be OK. You don’t have to apologize for who you are, and you certainly don’t have to apologize for who you are not. I think what you need to know most of all right now, is that all you ever need is yourself.”(x)

My magnum opus…this took six months.

Shout-outs are in order:
- First, to all of my uni friends who came into record the parts! Thank you so much!
- Special shout out to @michaelbreadbrady for the SICK GUITAR SOLO!!
- Shout out to @konoumin for the font! I’m sorry soundcloud cut a bit of it off (along with Maki gdi soundcloud) but that’s really appreciated
- Shout out to my best friend for mixing it! 
- And Finally, shout out to YOU for listening to this! 

Do you like it so much that you want a copy of the MP3? Guess what? It’s $2 AUD. Email me! Domsmusic94@gmail.com

Finally, my main blog/music blog is @valkyriemusic, and this is what the cover was MEANT to look like before soundcloud ruined everything.