LieV with 2Jae.
• they talked about ;
- meaning of friendship
- the other members of got7
- fights they had with other members
- how mark broke the ac because he was angry at youngjae
- drinking with other members
- what they do when they sleep
- most memorable moments with other got7 members
- their first win
• they also ;
- listened to ‘Cracks of My Broken Heart’
- called the other members (only mark picked up)
• other events ;
- they called mark after he posted his ig post while he was brushing his teeth, he gargled and jaebum said he was being too ‘real’. (i was dead at this point of the liev.

it makes me so happy how Alec is the str8 fave because he’s played by a tall white boy but then you watch the show and he’s so gay even from the very beginning and he falls in love with a man and so much of his identity is tied into his sexuality and like he’s ours and the hets can pretend all they want and ship him with women but he’ll always be gay and he’ll always be with a bisexual asian man and like how does it feel straighties??? He’s ours!!!!!!! Ur fave is gay!!!!!