One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts woke to find itself covered in several feet of snow. The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban.


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soft boyfriends! isak and even pt.2 bc we’re all upset and need something to look forward to

  • soft kisses on cheeks and foreheads and necks, even pressing his hand onto isak’s back, pushing him closer to him, them holding each other and isak smiling just a little bit because he never thought he could have this.
  • even learning that romance could also be crappy, cheap, barely thought-of dates like going out to mcdonalds at three am after staying up all night talking about the universe, getting burgers and milkshakes, wandering the city at night and laughing at each other bc they’re so scared of being mugged, yelling NAS lyrics to the sky
  • isak not smoking anymore because he knows it messes with even’s head, and because he knows if even sees him do it or smells it on his clothes even will want to do it again, and even though even insists that he doesn’t have to give it up, really, isak does.
    • isak says its bad for him anyways, could cause lung cancer. he pulls out a million different studies and uses it as justification. even knows the truth but he lets isak lie to him and, although he feels a bit guilty, he know he can’t change isak’s mind.
    • they find something else to relax together instead, like hot tea or putting on movies as background sound to their conversations
  • holding hands. fingers laced together, fumbling, stroking palms, warm squeezes
  • oh my god, the nicknames they give each other. “issy”, “evy”, all the gross things you can imagine. not in public, but in the quiet of the night, whispered for each other’s ears only.
  • sleeping together in the same bed, legs tangled together, hands trailing softly on hips and backs and arms, soft breaths, sometimes a smile
  • sometimes they get irritated and fed up with each other, but ends with a kiss and raised eyebrows, like “are you really sure you’re mad at me? what about now?, a reluctant ”….no" and a  laugh from both of them.
  • even wrapping an arm around isak’s waist in public, small side-conversations and inside jokes and glances in the midst of the larger conversation, isak fixing even’s clothes when they’re lopsided, even ruffling isak’s hair and laughing at his complaints.
    • isak still says that even cares way more about his hair than he does
    • its true but even denies it
  • sharing clothes because they like the smell of each other, so much so that now there’s no item of clothing that has one distinct ISAK or EVEN smell, but a mix of the both
  • playful ribbing, long hours of playing fifa and trying to sabotage each other, being goofy and trying to piss each other off, even laughing so hard at isak’s defensiveness and attempts at insults that he can’t keep his eyes open
  • isak telling even when he needs him to stay. even rubs his back as they lie down together, and wipes away the tears, and doesn’t say anything, he lets isak speak when he wants and stay silent when he wants, because he know more than anything isak just needs someone there.
  • isak listening to even’s frustrations with mental illness. he sits through every rant of i just want to be fucking normal! and i can’t even control my own fucking mind! and i never wanted to hurt you or anyone but i just cant and sometimes it scares him how angry, how frustrated even is and sometimes it breaks his heart how he can’t help him anymore or ‘save’ him the way even wants to be saved, but he sits there and he listens and he says only you can feel what you feel and i’m always going to be here for you and this time he’s the one patting even’s back and holding him, because sometimes even needs him too.
  • late night texts that makes isak giggle into his phone, being greeted in the morning and saying goodnight with outdated memes, eskild and jonas catching isak grinning at his phone and calling him out for it.
  • they’re going to be ok, they’re going to be happy. i believe in them.