You don’t have to separate these things with Jefferson. He can have written this incredible document, and several incredible documents, that we all, sort of- with things that we all believe in. And he sucks.

I think those are both true, and those have to be both true. I think we really have to stop separating them, ‘cause that’s when you get into trouble. That’s when you stop letting people be whole people.

shadowalchemist13  asked:

Fav andreil hcs?

i have so many headcanons you don’t even know. also i know this took forever im so sorry i tried to make it long to make it up to you aah

  • first is that the two of them definitely get in andrew’s car and drive to columbia by themselves at least once a month
    • they both want to spend a calm, stress and exy free weekend with each other
  • (i saw a hc about this but since i can’t find/link it, i’ll summarize) they never use pet names for each other in english, but they use endearments in russian
    • neil starts to call andrew sunshine in russian (solnishko) as a joke, but it slowly begins to develop into a name that neil and andrew both associate with him
    • andrew calls neil another common russian endearment, little fox (lisichka) for obvious reasons
      • it’s also the best phrase to use when calming neil down from a panic attack
  • speaking of panic attacks
  • andrew can calm neil down anytime
  • it may take minutes or hours, but it always happens
    • when he’s away for neil’s 5th year, andrew calmed neil down from a panic attack just by talking to him on the phone
    • but the hand on the back of the neck technique always works best
  • also andrew likes to to touch neil’s scars
  • usually during intimate moments, but also sometimes he just rolls over on their couch in the evening and sticks his hand up neil’s shirt
    • the scars identify neil as neil, because they’re so completely unique to him
    • they remind andrew that he is living with neil josten, and he is safe
  • also the cats. neil loVES those cats. no one is allowed to lay a finger on those cats or talk bad about the cats. he loves the cats as much as the foxes
    • kevin tried to insult the cats. neil shut him down so fast no one saw it coming
  • they have the most soft and domestic mornings this is a fact
  • they have a habit of wearing each other’s clothes
    • neil loves andrew’s shirts and hoodies, he loves the way they hang loose on his shoulders
    • andrew prefers neil’s sweatpants to his own because they’re somehow softer and warmer and they flop around his feet
  • they’re the power babysitting couple for the foxes’ kids
    • andrew oddly enough has one of those calming baby personalities
    • he’s one of those people that when he picks up a baby, their head instantly falls to his shoulder before they fall fast asleep
    • and neil is just so good at playing with them
    • once he gets used to the tiny humans he participates in tea parties, chases them around pretending to be a monster, and laughs at every single terrible joke they make
  • they never get married, but the day andrew is finally able to admit to both himself and neil that this is a something is the day they both know
    • that they’ll be together until death do them apart