live for today

by togetherwecouldbealright

|| harry/louis || 2k || [ao3] ||

“’S pretty,” he murmurs to Louis, setting his phone down. “Like you.”

When Louis laughs, Harry feels his chest shaking underneath him and it makes him want to explode into a million colors himself.

“Thanks, Haz,” Louis says, lips pressed against the crown of Harry’s head. “You’re lovely.”

Harry and Louis watch the fireworks.

you loved spending time with luke, but your favorite moments were those just before you fell asleep. you loved the rawness of it, you having not to wear makeup and his hair flat against his forehead. you loved being tangled between the sheets with him, his legs intertwined with yours and his strong arms cradling your body. his fingers would trace your temple in a soothing manner, sometimes brushing over the sensitive skin of your ear and over your hair. it made you fall asleep easier; the feel of his lips pressed against your neck, the softness of his breath washing over your collarbones. every sound he made, every move he made; it was your own personal lullaby to fall asleep