a game of quoteswaps (1/??): team dragonstone + futurama (s03e21, “future stock”)

In “Obsoletely Famous” it’s suggested that Bender should get an upgrade to be at the same level of this fancy smancy bot and he exclaims “I thought we all agreed that I was perfect!” before urgently turning to Fry, worry evident in his tone,

“Fry! Didn’t we agree I was perfect!?”

Fry immediately goes to reassure him, saying, “Oh, yeah, no, you’re pretty perfect.” He takes a sip of Slurm.

Pretty perfect?“ Bender turns away dejectedly, distraught,

“So you do think I need an upgrade.”

Like, no, Bender. He literally just told you that you were perfect, the same way you tell someone “You’re pretty cool,” or “You’re pretty petty.” It’s a measurement, one that implies a great amount, if not the most amount. 

I just find it hilarious that Bender interpreted it as “a great amount” and not “the most amount,” and is thus completely heartbroken at the thought of him not being the absolute most perfect being in Fry’s world.

Jeez, Bender, you’re so robo you don’t even realize it.