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It’s okay to be angry and frustrated with your transition process, no matter how far along you are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re years off transitioning or impatient with the effects of T not happening fast enough or waiting for your very last phalloplasty op, your frustration and sadness is still valid.

i’m sorry mom,

i’m sorry that i disappointed you.

i’m sorry that the little girl you raised was never actually there.

i’m sorry that you have to mourn like you lost a child.

i’m sorry that you never got to play dress up with me, or have tea parties with me.

i’m sorry you never got to braid my hair because it was always short.

i’m sorry that you always wanted a girl but when i came i was broken.

i’m sorry.imsorry.imsorry . im sorry

shout out to all of us trans boys who:

•wear skirts and dresses
•wear makeup
•have long hair
•can’t bind due to personal preferences or health related issues
•don’t go on hormones
•don’t have surgery
•who don’t fit the typical masculine stereotypes

we all are valid and nothing makes you any less of a man, so you go out and do you babe because you are so handsome