Remember when I said Bernie Sanders was getting more people come to his rallies than any other candidate (including Hillary)?

Yeah, here’s what just happened.

What was that about “Bernie doesn’t stand a chance?”

#BernieSanders2k16 #FeelTheBern

Whether you’re 16 or 24 or 39, there will come a time when one day the strings of your life will begin to unravel one by one
Suddenly everything has fallen apart and nothing is what it used to be and you will not be able to find comfort in the people you’ve always known, because those people are gone
You will feel your walls caving in and although you felt on top of the world last week, this week you feel so far underneath it you can’t even see the sun
However, this is is not your end; this is your beginning
Maybe you lost him and your job and your best friend and your parents are fighting all the time and you’re beginning to think that the bottom of a bottle is your new soulmate - but it’s not
You’re going to feel lost until one day you wake up and feel different because you cannot grow in a life that never challenges you
You will make new friends and get a new job and find a new soulmate - one who does not burn your throat
And you will look back on the day your world crashed down and you’ll be thankful for the days when you felt all alone because you’ll realize that although it felt like the end, it was really the beginning
You will find yourself and you will realize that everything you need is right inside of you
One day you’ll be so glad everything fell apart, because without this destruction, everything would not have fallen into place
If you never break, you will never learn how to put yourself back together
—  and although it feels like the end, it is really just the beginning