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Hey can u reccomend any like Quality gay animes Cause like I only find bad ones life is rough for my simple gay mind

WHOO BOY ok Good **PLUS** Gay anime is. not an intersection often seen im afraid, sweet anon,,,

im RAKING BY BRAIN LOL i um? i heard good things about Sasameki Koto, but i have to watch it still,,

also, Aoi Hana seems rly promising tbh!!!

for stuff i actually watched lol, i rly liked Uta+Kata but… its been a long time since i last watched i cant RLY ASSURE its. a Good anime. just every single last character in it is gay as all hell and honestly, that is a balm for my weary soul but it… look it doesnt rly qualify as /Quality/ Gay anime its just. rly fuckin gay and fun and ill take it lol

also, like, im hesitant with this one, but - theres…. Yurikuma Arashi. And, its… sort of a hard watch? bc its supposedly making a point about the terrible clichès and tropes girl love animes/manga usually fall into, so its… a lot of gross stuff in your face but, supposedly a deconstruction,, i DID like it for that aspect but like Tread With Caution bc it can be p messy

im not mentioning utena bc while ive heard a lot of v polarized views on it i never finished it myself so id rather not run my mouth :I,,,


Haibane Renmei ♥ its not. openly… in ur face gay (sadly,,) but it always gave off a feel of Young Lesbian Utopic Community to me and i wanna read a lot of cute puppy love into it and its rly rly not hard to do AND ITS A GREAT ANIME SO LIKE JUST FOR THAT GIVE IT A CHANCE. for real its,, rly good,,,

ok to break it up a lil lol 

one of my faves that i hardly ever see mentioned is Nabari No Ou!! if u watch it and need a shoulder to lean on afterwards im here,,,,,

annnnd theres n°6 which i rly rly liked its really nice but i never watched the last three episodes bc i was told it gets rly sad and im :I,,,,, weak

(also its clearly Sonic’s side project look @that)

i remember Antique Bakery being sort of cute light hearted fun too but its been a long time so once again, mayb read up some reviews before taking my word for it kfahsd

oh i also watched like half of samurai flamenco (got majorly spoiled at some point and kinda deflated and left it there ; ;) and it was mostly fun and lighthearted i should probably pick it up again!

annnnd im putting all of my hopes in Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (mostly bc i love the authors other works♥) and ive heard good things about it also tHEYRE NOT 14 WHICH. IS A PLUS. IN MY BOOK not that i have anything against other age groups but it can feel a bit,, alienating is a strong word bUT U GET ME like if all u see is school aged peeps so,,, a plus for me

WHEW OK thats all i can think of everyone pls pls pls feel free to add to this id be forever grateful!!