Anime | Akagami no Shirayukihime

ok ok ok!!! i’ve been posting about this anime whilst watching it, but it’s time for an in depth-ish review!! just a note that i did not read the manga, so if the universes are slightly different, oh well :)))))))) 

the scenery for this anime was absolutely beautiful, i loved the art. the art for the characters didn’t stand out to me compared to the glorious townscapes and glittering gardens!! i don’t have much to say on this aspect since i know anime drawings are different from manga art, but i did appreciate the talent put into this series.

i am conflicted: obiyuki vs. zenyuki. i know it’s okay to ship multiple ships (duh) BUT IT MATTERS TO ME THAT I DON’T HAVE AN OTP!!! THOUGH AFTER FINISHING THE ANIME HOW COULD I NOT BE TEAM ZENYUKI!!!! obi and shirayuki’s relationship was really sweet, their friendship was obviously important to the both of them. i think what made it stand out to me was that shirayuki didn’t think any less of anyone for being “just” a friend.. like she understands that being romantically interested in someone doesn’t put them on a higher level than the friendships she held with other people and that is SUPER awesome to me. i guess some clarity on what i mean can be found on this post by allophobia. give it a read!!! 

to obi, shirayuki meant a looot, he came from a background living life as bandit, never really having anything secure in his life except himself. after meeting zen, shirayuki, mistuhide, and kiki, he finds comfort in them and a home. somewhere/someone to go back to. when he spends more time with shirayuki, he learns more and more that he truly has a place with them, with her. and i think i can understand obiyuki because i really enjoyed obi’s character. he worked as a great foil to zen (def will discuss zen’s character) and it made me fall in love with the little monkey boy trying to find a place for himself. 

zen was too much of a prince charming for me, it ended up making his character flat and a little boring. he literally rides a white horse, and is the only one to do so. but his character was very steady and safe, unlike obi, zen was secure. he was just too perfect that there seemed to be no development for him. i can ship zenyuki because of all the romantic moments they had, how could you not love him and his literal perfection??? and i can see where along the way shirayuki fell in love with him too, he was always there for her, like an anchor firmly set  for her to always come home to. obi is someone you would go on an adventure with, but zen is who welcomes you back with open arms. like for obi, zen became a home to shirayuki. there was never any doubt that they loved each other.

ok i know this is long, but there are so many things i want to talk about!!! and how could i not talk about our lovely protagonist, shirayuki herself. she was such a strong, independent woman, carrying the world on her shoulders. saving lives and being unapologetically HER. she is a female protagonist that i can def get behind; hard-working, honest, and diligent. she literally puts her whole heart in everything she does, her resolve only gets stronger when times are rough. shirayuki was SUCH a great character, and she wasn’t so perfect seeming like zen that it made her very lovable. i don’t know what about her made me feel like she was still flawed enough to have room to grow unlike zen, but it made her character really relatable. 

i could probs talk more, but i shall leave it like that. i need more zenyuki fics though!!! you cannot deny they had such tender moments in the anime!!!

so @kazliin writes this amazing fic called ‘Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts’ and if you haven’t read it yet i recommend you do because it’s beautiful and the angst gives me life ((seriously, just so much great angst)) i honestly love that fic to death