meeting the boys part 3

okay so we started setting up for the pic and the boys all came over and i right away was like “can i have a special order please?” and harry was immediately “of course what is it” so i said “ok harry and louis on my left please! and liam and niall on my right” and they got in their places. harry went right next to me i think he understood he is my special peach. then liam was right next to me and then niall and louis on the outsides. and then i said “okay so can we please ALL hold hands please…and kind of hold them up?” and there was a slight pause…and my sis, ( thedublinfall ) who was taking pics, said louis looked hesitant and nervous at first to take harrys hand. she then said harry grabbed louis hand…and that’s when louis made that smile that he had in the second pic…the scrunched up smiley fond one. so…..

and i was just bursting i was so happy. i had my larents next to me and it was like we were a little family for a moment. when i saw the pics afterward i am not exaggerating to you….i starting ugly sobbing …..louis and harry are so in love. i promise. do not doubt it. they smile and look at each other and they laugh at each other’s jokes. and when one is afraid to grab the others hand, the other one helps them through it. they will be okay. im so lucky to have been there for that. i love them with all my heart and i am in awe of their love. i truly truly am. they have something special and if it is special for ME TO SEE…for 10 minutes when they are already not being their true selves….come on. what they have is there and it is real and alive. and they will win this time. after all this bullshit they will win. i love them so much.

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meeting the boys part 2

okay so after i had an initial greeting the make a wish people were AMAZING and brought cupcakes for liams bday! BATMAN CUPCAKES SO WE LIT THEM AND SANG TO HIM and then…right after he blew out the candles louis was saying something like “birthday boy” in this really deep voice to be funny and i swear HARRY WHIPPED HIS HEAD RIGHT THE FUXK AROUND AND STARTED DOING HIS LOUIS LAUGH AND SMILE. at louis silly little JOKE. and i literally gasped bc that smile is so recognizable and not to be fake deep but it lit up the whole room a little bit i SWEAR TO YOU

so then we spread our signing stuff on a table and we had them sign it…which was super quick….and harry went to the corner and started talking w liam but i was like i gotta do this FOR ME. so i walked over and i was shaking. and i was like “harry….i have something for you” and i brought an american apparel scrunchie for him (i will post a pic of it) and a bunch of hair ties. and he was like “is this for me!!” and i was like yes!! then he was like “i gotta tell you….this is my first scrunchie….i will definitely be wearing it…” and i told him i thought he would love that pattern and that’s why i got it, and that i have the same one at home and then he looked at me so sweetly and was like “well then we’ll be matching won’t we” and then he asked where i was from and liam came over. and then he was like “is this your first show” and i said “YES. IVE WAITED 4 YEARS” and that’s when i started crying. horribly because it hit me right then. and liam wandered away and then i just launched myself at harry and i hugged him for ages. i thanked him as much as i could i said something about him supporting all types of fans and how much that means to me and he was just whispering in my ear and held me for so so so long. so long. and he kissed my cheek and held me for even longer. i feel so loved and so so so so blessed he is so….he is too much. i have no words for how amazing he is i truly do not. he is amazing. an angel from above.

im gonna post one more about the actual picture 💖💖


Louis talks to Harry for a quick second in this.

meeting the boys part 1

okay so we went backstage at around 7:30 or so and their minder took us back into a small room. it was me my sis and then another girl (chloe! shes great AMAZING) and her best friend. then our family as well. okay.

so they took us into the room and explained the rules, we could only have three things signed, please keep inside voices when the boys arrive, and that they would give us a warning when the boys were coming

THEN SOPHIA WALKED IN!!!! she is gorgeous omg. she is so slim and tan, and her makeup is so well done she looks like a million dollars. so polished and gorgeous. she was SO NICE TOO! she talked to my mom for like ten minutes while we were waiting. when she found out my name was sofia as well she said “oh! we share the same name!”

okay so we waited for about 20 minutes and i was honestly about to faint at this point…then…Lime walked in without any warning at all….and he literally didn’t look real….my eyes did not register it. like he didn’t look real he looked too perfect his skin and his quiff. and so i just kind of stared in shock and he pulled sophia into a hug and was like “hi darling!” and they cuddled! then he stepped back into the hallway

THEN….HARRY JUST POPPED IN. FOLLOWED BY THE REST OF THE BOYS. AND WHEN I SAW HARRY I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. i just stood there quietly and tried not to fall over. so then the boys all came over and i got a hug from each of them….and i hugged harry for so so so long….and….

HARRY: is SO SLENDER AND DAINTY AND GRACFUL! and he is the nicest….the nicest the nicest the sweetest the sweetest. i hugged him for close to a minute and he was just whispering “are you alright” and stuff in my ear, and my nose was against his curls. he doesn’t let go of hugs

LOUIS: is literal fucking sunshine. his smile is half of his face and his teeth are so beatufiul and his eyes crinkle up at the corners. his skin is golden and he was clean shaven and his hair was so feathery. when i hugged him i could feel his bony little shoulders and his jumper was so rough against my hands. he rubbed my back and was like “you alright? everything ok?”

liam: SO CUTE AND CARING (i didn’t spend much time with him at all :/ unfortunately)

NIALL: SO CHEERFU AND UNREAL BUT YET SO REAL. i only got to hug him no time to talk to him


Louis and Harry holding hands for the first time - palms sweaty and butterflies in their bellies, they sit in the xfactor house, and pretend they don’t give a shit about their fellow contestants stares.

Louis and Harry holding hands in public - they’re in a restaurant, a secluded booth, and Louis reaches across the table, pulls Harry’s hand into his own. Harry looks around, instinctively checking there’s no cameras, no fans, just like management has told them to. Louis smiles, bright and happy and tinged with sadness all at the same time, “Don’t worry, I paid off the staff.” He tries not to dwell on the fact that he had to.

Louis and Harry holding hands today - maybe it should feel like nothing, like a cop out, after all this is happening under the guise of a fan photo, and yet Harry feels an inescapable exhilaration rising up in him. Louis can’t stop the fond grin pulling across his face. He wants to shout, “Look at us, we’re here, look how far we’ve come.” He settles for holding his boyfriend’s hand, loud and proud, and knows tomorrow brings a new dawning day.

Louis and Harry holding hands when they come out - Harry takes a breath, then another, embraces the peaceful acceptance that’s settled in his chest. “No going back,” he murmurs to Louis, nodding towards the pap waiting to take their photo when they step out of the car.

“Never,” Louis responds, a promise and an oath and a reassurance and more.

Harry holds out his hand. “Ready to rock the world?”

Louis takes it. They really, truly are.

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:Louis and Harry were pictured HOLDING HANDS the DAY AFTER they were pictured ACTUALLY TOUCHING and during the group hug tonight Harry purposefully moved his hand so he could touch Louis's arm and don't forget that THEY ACTUALLY LITERALLY HELD HANDS TODAY and Louis looked more fond than he's ever looked and I am never ever ever getting over this but also I don't know what's going on because both the green sticker and the blue sticker were happy tonight and RBB had an "RBB" name tag so they know we know and they encourage it but Josh doesn't do it so who does and everything is just happening so quickly and I'm just really emotional because HARRY AND LOUIS HELD HANDS