mine; joffrey baratheon


Sansa Stark and Arianne Martell + parallels
(requested by @dornishmansblade)


Gif source:  Joffrey

Imagine being Cersei and Robert’s only true born child and Joffrey being obsessed with you.

——— Request for anon ———

You had been the black sheep of the family for as long as you could remember, to all but your father. It was said quite literally considering your hair was the only to stand out in the sea of blonde that was your other siblings.

And Joffrey, worst of all, teased you for it, always seeking you out, “There’s my favorite black sheep. I trust you haven’t been too useless today.”

You frown in annoyance, but don’t make to move away as he reaches to stroke a finger down your cheek, “I had been being quite productive until you interrupted, brother.”


“i have dreamed of giving up the crown. take ship for the free cities with my horse and my hammer, spend my time warring and whoring, that’s what I was made for. the sellsword king, how the singers would love me. you know what stops me? the thought of joffrey on the throne, with cersei standing behind him whispering in his ear. my son. how could I have made a son like that?”