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27 March 1960 - james fleamont potter

Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you need of him. How else could you produce that particular patronus? Prongs rode again last night.

James was just one of those people. Those one of a kind type of people. He wasn’t perfect. He could be ruthless, unforgiving, dark. But he was also kind, and goofy, and with a mind like no other. He was a dreamer, Mary thought. She never stopped wondering what it was like seeing the world through James Potter’s eyes. It seemed like he saw, noticed more than any other human being. Like he appreciated everything more too. The way animals communicate, the way the wind blows in a certain way, the way rays of sunshine fill the room. And seeing him notice all those things was a treasure in itself. He was a born leader. Someone, who most looked up to, and yet he loved and cared for a rare few. And Mary felt incredibly privileged to be one of them. She felt incredibly lucky to be able to see this side of James, the one he didn’t show to the outside world. And these walks they used to have, made her feel special. She felt safe in this little space of hopes, and dreams, and wonders. And she would always remember them. No matter what the future held.

[exerpt from the Trace of Mischiefs: The Story of the Marauders – coming back soon]

                                                                              Happy birthday, James Potter!

Things that AVPM/S/SY did right :

  • DRACO (Lauren I’ll love you forever)
  • Ron and Harry’s friendship
  • McGonagall
  • openly gay Dumbledore
  • Albus’s middle name being Scarfy instead of Snivellus
  • Draco admitting to wanting to be friends with Harry
  • them actually becoming friends in the end
  • Lucius Malfoy
  • what am I even listing things for, everything was pure fucking genius

Things that Cursed Child did right :

  • the Malfoys
  • that’s it