We need to talk about trinity island more. We need to talk about the team working together and falling into natural jobs and setting their beds down next to each other so they can curl up together but never actually getting to because Tucker dies that same afternoon. We need to talk about Tom’s face when he dies, Sonja’s voice. About the three left falling into a rhythm, surviving, about Tom insisting they wait another day to go to the temple because he wants Sonja to have more gear but Jordan insisting they go anyway, about Jordan watching helplessly from the end of the hallway as Sonja dies because she came back to help him knowing she would likely be killed. Tom laying flowers on Tucker and Sonja’s graves, Tom and Jordan fighting the Dragon side by side, naming a golem after their dead friends and having it join them in their final battle (as teammates, at least). Jordan killing Tom, being alone on an island big enough for four.

How to download youtube videos

So, Erica, now I know how to make gifs, but I want a yt video to do my gifs. What do i do?

It’s easy, I will teach you.

First go to yt and find the video you want. In url write ‘ss’ before youtube like the image:

And click enter. You will be redirected to this page: Save from net. In this video you have 1 option: mp4, and 2 qualities: 360p or 720p.

To make gifs with Gom player I ALWAYS download mp4 files. 

click one of the options and  after this the download will start.

The video had been saved in the folder downoad

And now you can make gifs from yt videos!

(after downloading several programs that damaged my computer, and various programs that didn’t work at all, I found this way to download and I use just to make gifs)

If you have any questions ask me.


I wanted to do a tribute to one of my favourite RvB antagonists - Felix

Felix - Who Are You