Okay, so Dan has been upset and tweeted about it. But people have been telling him to grow up, which is not okay. He has always been there to make us feel better. Now it is time to return the love he gives us. I feel like #welovedan needs to happen. We use the hashtag and say what we love about him. So that he feels better. Say something like #welovedan your smile and laugh is what I love about you. Go on do it on your twitter and instagram accounts! Tell us why you love Dan, so if he sees it he will feel better!


I was almost too scared to watch this whole video but I’m glad I did it was really interesting! I’m loving Olivia’s videos 


In light of Markiplier’s call to spread goodness into the tag, I decided to post these doodles I did a while back (obviously, judging by the glasses and floof). I’ll never finish these so I just decided to ink them (plus it gave me an excuse to use my new .01 Pigma Micron pen *artist squee*)

Drawing real people is very odd to me but he’s so gosh darn animated, it actually makes it easier XD

The Types of Fans in the Jaspar Fandom

There are seven types of fans in the Jaspar fandom:

1. The Sherlock Holmes

These fans are always figuring out what Jaspar are hiding. Whether it’s a secret project or finding out their location. They are very intelligent and are good finders. With a little poking around on the internet they can find out anything.

2. The Ranters

These fans are always ranting about things in the fandom. They will rant about anything. It could be about how some of the fans are always putting their noses into the boys private lives or about a secret project that was announced but wasn’t told about for ages.

3. The Twelve Year Olds

These fans are the fans who think they own the boys. Even though they are called ‘The Twelve Year Olds’, they can be any age. These fans always act childish when it comes to certain things like when one of the boys upload a photo with a girl and the Twelve Year Olds start to hate on the girl, saying stuff like 'Stay away from him, he’s mine’ and 'Why don’t you just go away and die’.

These are the fans that you do not want to be friends with.

4. The Fake Fans

The Fake Fans are basically not fans at all. These people are the ones who lie about how long they have been watching the boys for and brag about it to other people. They are the sort of people that have met the boys, saying they’ve been watching them ever since they first started their youtube channels, however the next day is when they subscribe to their channels.

(This does not mean you are a fake fan if you have just started watching them and you are not lying about it.)

5. The Newbies

The Newbies are the people who have just started to watch Jaspar. They’re new to everything like their videos and social media accounts. They’re the ones who decide to make a fan account and are very innocent at the start of it (however when they stay a bit longer, they eventually come out of their shell).

6. The Jokers

The Jokers are the types of fans that joke about everything they say. You’ll normally find these people on Twitter. They will say something sarcastic to the boys however you know they are only joking. They love the boys so much that you know they have to be joking. If they ever say something mean, you know they don’t mean it, it’s just their type of humour.

7. The Shadows

The Shadows are the people who you never even know are fans of Jaspar. They never comment on their videos and they never interact with the boys or other fans on Social Media. Even though they don’t do that stuff, they are still fans and watch the boys videos every week.