Sculptures by Atelier Coroller

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Directed by French sculptor Atelier Coroller in collaboration with the studio Bonsoir Paris for artistic direction. 

Atelier Coroller is an artist who loves to play with wood and its aspects in order to contradict the characteristics physiques.Il In 2011 a series of sculptures called Heartwood, the heartwood is the inner part of the wood, matching the most formerly formed growth areas which no longer contain live cells. Also called “wooden heart” or “heartwood” it is a hard wood, compact, dense, dry and imputrescible.C'est contradict all these qualities and fun that the artist gives us impression that its timber frames are melting away as if they were made of chocolat.Réalisé by French sculptor Adrien Coroller in collaboration with the studio Bonsoir Paris for artistic direction. -

Rough sawn Walnut lumber & rocking chairs. Proud to know the person who cut the tree down, turned the logs into lumber on location, air dried on location, kiln dried on location, turned into beautiful pieces of art that will last generations on location. Total travel distance from where this tree grew & died to where it was turned into lumber & used to build chairs & tables 6km. #wood #Woodmizer #woodworking #finewoodworking #walnut #liveedge #rockingchair #finefurniture #bespokefurniture #urbantree

Hey Everyone!!!!
I’ve opened a store on storenvy and have put out a soft launch of some things I’ve been working on!

It includes original:
Wood hanging drawings,
Soon to come:
& Buttons/ Pins

I’m very excited to be sharing my love for this with others. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!

You can check it out here:

And check me out personally on IG:

Thanks everyone!!! 🌿🌾🌸💕