Why did I obsess over people like this? Was it normal to fixate on strangers in this particular vivid, fevered way? I didn’t think so. It was impossible to imagine some random passer-by on the street forming quite such an interest in me… I was fascinated by strangers, wanted to know what food they ate and what dishes they ate it from, what movies they watched and what music they listened to, wanted to look under their beds and in their secret drawers and night tables and inside the pockets of their coats.
—  The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt)

Milky Way on Night Sky 

We are pretty lucky here in New Zealand, to just look up and see the wonder that is our Milky Way so clearly. So much to think about, so much to see. It’s all just stardust and time. And being able to capture all this on a simple DSLR camera is just so rewarding. Staying curious is the key to capturing something unique and challenging.

by  Mikey Mack