Kids are down, got some laundry running through, Navyy is still at work, probably will end up going to bed a little early tonight. Woot woot!

Today was pretty good with the kiddos. Minky was a little crabby this morning, but his mood improved and we had a pretty good day of it. Usual slow Saturday morning, ran some errands in the middle of the day and picked up a present for his cousin’s bday party tomorrow, Squishy napped at intervals in the car, and then had a good long nap when we got home. Indulged the kiddos with another pasta dinner (we had spaghetti on Friday), they both ate well. And then the two kiddos and I took a shower, per Minky’s request…which they both apparently think is the best thing ever. Shrug. Minky fell asleep on the floor while I was putting Squishy down. I’ll count that as a successful end to the day.

Navyy usually works some on weekends, but she’s been having to cover for other folks who are less willing to help out, and she’s taking the weekend after next to go to Vegas with friends, so she’s hoping to make a little extra money now for that trip. We’ve had a couple good evenings where we’ve spent some time with each other just around here, but definitely eager for us to have some more time together (preferably sans-kids). Trying figure out some kind of a date night in the next week or two so we at least get a little bit of that.

I have a little bit of a scratchy throat. Given that basically everyone in this house except me has been sick in the past couple of weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me if I picked up somebody’s cold. But I’m drinking tea, using zinc lozenges, and crossing my fingers. Other than that, I’m doing alright. Just need a little more sleep and a little more adult time. Can’t wait for spring to arrive.