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Time for Friday Reads! Here’s what we’re working on:

Arts Editor Tom Cole: I’m reading Tim Gautreaux’s recent collection of short stories, Signals. He’s such a great writer.  Just finished one called “Radio Magic” about a guy who wants to be famous and an elderly comedienne who remembers her late son (a radio repairman) saying that sound never ends – that it keeps going out to the stars. Of course we all know that in space “no one can hear you scream,” but it’s still kind of neat to think that all of our work is sailing out toward infinity.

NPR Executive Editor Edith Chapin: Janesville: An American Story  by Amy Goldstein

NPR Founding Mother Susan Stamberg: Outline by Rachel Cusk

Blogger Colin Dwyer: Back, at long last, in Knausgaardland. Settling into an ARC of Autumn with joy.

Book critic Annalisa Quinn: I’m reading David Sedaris’ Theft by Finding: Diaries for a review next week, plus The Handmaid’s Tale for my book club.

Your turn!

This weekend’s highlights include: 

A morning basketball session next to the stream. 

A trip to Haneul Park to see the poppies! 

A lovely day at the farm with Sun’s family. Sun’s mom bought us matching traditional Korean clothes. The son of the halmoni across the road was at her house and he and his wife brought soju and acorn jelly and we ate and drank and chatted. We also picked wild raspberries near the farm. We walked the two doggies and found a third neighborhood doggie. We also bumped into a very old Korean hanok from like the 1600s. We ate jeon and potatoes. 

A group of people that were sightseeing were looking for a place to park and since Sun’s dad is so nice, he let them park on his land. They had like five kids with them. They gave us a big huge bottle of beer as a thank you and Sun’s dad gave them some wild raspberries when they returned to their car. 

We picked a ton of veggies and I roasted 1kg of coffee beans for Sun’s dad (although, I messed up the last batch and spent 27 mins roasting and almost lost my arm). 

Then we ate the most delicious duck dish ever and I don’t even like duck that much. 

Sun’s parents are the kindest and nicest people I’ve ever met. His dad told me he was so happy to have met me and to have me be part of their lives because I’m so kind and nice and my thinking is similar to their family’s thinking. I was really happy and touched and told him I was really happy to have met them as well even though I was scared! 

Weekends are too short.