Hey guys! @igndotcom just announced that your prayers have been answered and The Emmy award winning series #YoungJustice will be returning for a third season! I’m not on the show…for all I know, lol, so don’t ask me any questions, I’m just relaying what IGN already announced! Go check out more details on the IGN website. #wb #animation

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when my little 10-year old ass read Fantastic Beasts and where to find them it imagined Newt Scamander to be some crusty old guy and then Warner Bros. goes to fuck me up like that? Eddie Redmayne?? really???? as if i didn’t die enough when watching Les Mis. the cutest bub plays the cutest character? who i didn’t even consider to be cute?? and he does it so well?? Eddie Redmayne????? fuck y’all i’m out

The DCEU is fastest superhero franchise to reach $2 billion in just 3 films

It joins Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in that club. And you know the key thing they all have in common?

They’re all Warner Bros. franchises.

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