I’m on mobile so I can’t put any screenshots on here, but is anyone else absolutely AMAZED at the use of colors in Wonder Woman?

Themiscyra is represented by bright colors, the sea a bright blue and the trees a mesmerizing green. Everything looks beautiful and bright, which is perfect for a fantasy island filled with peace.

London is represented by grey, blue and generally dark colors, emphasizing a dark and weary tone appropriate for a war torn period. The soldiers are in grey uniform, and the sky and atmosphere is always dark and grey.

And yet, when Diana shows up on screen, when she pulls out the lasso of truth, her armor and her golden lasso stands out effortlessly against the dull background. She is the symbol of hope in this dark era and in those times of war.

I love the dceu. I love Patty Jenkins. I love Wonder Woman.

when my little 10-year old ass read Fantastic Beasts and where to find them it imagined Newt Scamander to be some crusty old guy and then Warner Bros. goes to fuck me up like that? Eddie Redmayne?? really???? as if i didn’t die enough when watching Les Mis. the cutest bub plays the cutest character? who i didn’t even consider to be cute?? and he does it so well?? Eddie Redmayne????? fuck y’all i’m out


It’s been so fun and I’m so proud of my work with @warnerbrosentertainment as Character Designer on DC Superhero Girls. Designing and giving new life to some of my favorite character has been an amazing experience! @dcsuperherogirls #characterdesign #wb #dcsuperherogirls #girlsinanimation

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'Suicide Squad 2' Lands 'Legend of Tarzan' Writer (Exclusive)
The sequel is a priority for the studio, which made overtures to several directors, including Mel Gibson.

NEWS: Adam Cozad in negotiations to pen WB’s Suicide Squad 2 

The sequel is a priority for the studio, which made overtures to several directors, including Mel Gibson. No filmmakers are currently attached and the studio is focusing on nailing down a story. 

I wrote this as a comment on Reddit but I want to share it here as well:

In regards to the dceu:

The thing is I don’t think WB’s definition of plan is the same thing as us. Mcu is doing the thing where everything is connected, there is an end game. With WB and the dceu I think, and with all these announcements I feel I may be right, that WB doesn’t have a plan like that.

I think the dceu will have the movies connect, the consequences will be felt (like superman’s death in suicide squad), but any end game they’re thinking about won’t include all the characters they’re planning to give a film to.

If let’s say Darkseid is their end game then would they really have Black Adam come join the Justice League to fight him? Will Suicide Squad be sent out? BOP? GCS?

I think they’re making the movies cuz they have interesting stories and interesting characters not because they need or want them in the end game.

I think WB is just making the characters exist for themselves, separate but in the same universe. And I think that is just as interesting as what the mcu is doing.