I’ve always had a lot of respect for you, kid.”

A little idea I’ve had for a while. After the last Animaniacs production wrapped up, the Warner siblings get removed from the lot once the eldest sibling becomes an adult. Yakko meets up with Bugs, a colleague he’d known for years, while waiting for Wakko and Dot to get dropped off from school. Real-life issues and whatnot.

Sorry for some panels looking so much better than others. I never intended to get the whole thing nice and polished.

The DCEU is fastest superhero franchise to reach $2 billion in just 3 films

It joins Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in that club. And you know the key thing they all have in common?

They’re all Warner Bros. franchises.

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ive officially begun working on my next full real actual project (remember like forever ago when i asked everyone to send a bunch of asks with ideas about characters, planets and plots? this is what ive made with that)

it’s called worldbuilding and i’m going to be regularly uploading pages to tapastic, and if needed i might also start posting them to a dedicated sideblog.

in addition, since this was based on a culmination of hundreds of suggestions from you all, my askbox is 100% open to suggestions for new characters, plots, ideas, etc that i can mix in along the way. something as simple as “a girl with a space punk look” or “someone’s name is carlos” or even “gay moon mermaids” could easily be added to the story, so feel free to discreetly slip in a shoutout to your friend or an inside joke or something, im open.

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