I’ve always had a lot of respect for you, kid.”

A little idea I’ve had for a while. After the last Animaniacs production wrapped up, the Warner siblings get removed from the lot once the eldest sibling becomes an adult. Yakko meets up with Bugs, a colleague he’d known for years, while waiting for Wakko and Dot to get dropped off from school. Real-life issues and whatnot.

Sorry for some panels looking so much better than others. I never intended to get the whole thing nice and polished.

I’m on mobile so I can’t put any screenshots on here, but is anyone else absolutely AMAZED at the use of colors in Wonder Woman?

Themiscyra is represented by bright colors, the sea a bright blue and the trees a mesmerizing green. Everything looks beautiful and bright, which is perfect for a fantasy island filled with peace.

London is represented by grey, blue and generally dark colors, emphasizing a dark and weary tone appropriate for a war torn period. The soldiers are in grey uniform, and the sky and atmosphere is always dark and grey.

And yet, when Diana shows up on screen, when she pulls out the lasso of truth, her armor and her golden lasso stands out effortlessly against the dull background. She is the symbol of hope in this dark era and in those times of war.

I love the dceu. I love Patty Jenkins. I love Wonder Woman.

I’m not excited for our first kiss… I’m excited for the day that I get to kiss you when you’re sad and grumpy and it’s been about 5 years or so since the first kiss but you can still feel everything behind it. If not more. Heaps more. You can feel how much I’ve grown to love you over that time… how I’ve chosen you day after day and I still can’t get enough of you and I still want you to be happier than anything in this world.
Or I can’t wait till the day that I get to hold our kid in my arms for the first time and even though it’s gonna be one hell of a hot mess, you’re still going to kiss me like that. Like I am everything and like you’re the proudest person of me in my life. Like I just helped you start something more than us.
Or the day when I walk out of the temple with you. Hand in hand (because you promised me that you’d do that for the rest of forever.) And that first kiss when we walk out will be my last first kiss and because it’s going to mean the world to me. Because that’s the day we’re going to become one.
Or the day when we’re both old and I don’t look nearly as beautiful as I used to and I complain about the cold one more time. When you’ll just look at me and smile, take my hand, and kiss me with such an old love that I’ll know that I knew you before this life. A kiss that’s pretty much saying “you should know after 86 years that winter always comes but I love you more than the first winter we spent together. You are more beautiful now than when we met.”
Man. That’s what I’m excited for.
—  Cameron Stetson

anonymous asked:

which female director do you think would be a good fit for a batgirl movie?

My #1 pick to direct a superhero movie, for a long, long time now has been Julie Taymor. I don’t always love her movies, but I always love her style which is so bold and beautiful and creative in ways that show she’s a true visionary working on a different level from anyone else. I’d love to see her tackle Batgirl.

Other directors I think would be good for Batgirl: Karyn Kusama (I didn’t love her version of Aeon Flux, but it shows she can handle action and she always elevates the scripts she’s given with interesting direction), Jennifer Phang (Advantageous was really low-key special sci fi and I’d like to see her move up to doing big budget action films), and Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker had that particularly weirdly Australian blend of humour that would work well for an comic book movie I think).

There are lot of great women who are ready to tackle that next step and I’m sure everyone has their own personal picks, but these are mine!

I’m sad none of these women were likely even considered (did they even consider any women? I feel like I know the answer to this). I really hoped that the WB would at least continue to match women directors with women superheroes and I’m really disappointed this isn’t the case.