A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine asked what the big deal was about Watchmen. That, via a lot of detours, led me to this speech where I talk Watchmen, its challenge to us as readers, its autobiographical impact, various bits of geeking out over formalism and everything else full of life and comics.

The Vimeo is linked above. If you prefer Youtube, you can find it here.

I performed it originally at Nine Worlds Geekfest. Due to various requests, I did a second performance a few months later, with some small additions. This time the lovely folks at Tomfoolery Pictures offered to film it for the record. After months of labour, here’s the finished version. Hail them.

Hope you find it interesting.

Thanks to: Tomfoolery generally for the filming and Adam specifically for making the offer, GOSH comics for hosting it, Chrissy Williams for putting on her best received pronunciation for the intro, Jon Browne for inspiring it, Nine Worlds Geekfest for prompting its writing and original 100% adrenaline and nerves airing, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for a comickybook and the Nine Panel Grid for being perfect beyond all human ability to judge.