Some headcanons

…on Tomoki Kuroki.

1. He’s asexual. Though he’s had weird marriage proposals from guys and girls, he’s generally uninterested.
2. He’s close to his Mom and they often talk about his sister when she’s not there. 
3. He’s quite OC when it comes to cleaning and cooking. He’s great at cooking.
4. He will never admit it, but he misses the nightly, stupid talks with his sister and secretly wishes it never stopped. He rather likes his sister… when she’s not there.
5. He’s resigned to the thought of having to spend his whole life with his sister.
6. He never shows it, but sometimes he actually feels bad for Tomoko. He hopes that all his sister’s weird shit is just a phase that will eventually pass, but he’s scared that she’s a hopeless case.
7. He’s a good student. He’s always the last on the honor’s list, but could get higher if he only put more effort or cared enough (but he likes sports more than academics).
8. As a kid, he admired his sister. Hey, its canon that he’s said he wanted to marry her, when they were younger. He secretly misses the way they were before, but cringes inside when he compares his sister then to what she’s like now.
9. He looks apathetic, but shows genuine emotion and enthusiasm on the soccer field. Also, he’s blunt and never thinks twice about saying what he really thinks.
10. Most of their normal interactions happen at past 12. They both have a bad case of insomnia, and Tomoko wakes him up to do silly things, like make him accompany her to the bathroom, or to eat, or whatever she needs.
(Obviously, I ship Tomoko/Tomoki. I know many are squicked by incest but hell, they’re not real anyway.)


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Finally got my Tomoko wig in the mail :D

its a little shorter than I would have liked but other than that I love it :3

I did a quick style job and makeup test to make these gifs

I feel like I’m gonna have a lot of fun cosplaying as her xD

No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I Don’t Have Any Friends!

[Steven Universe / WateMote crossover]