Rapunzel’s Village by Jimmy Espinosa
Via Flickr:
Rapunzel’s Village was supposed to be something else, I know it! Regardless to what it has become, it’s a nice little area to rest and enjoy the sights and the music. While deciding what I wanted to come of this photo, I definitely wanted a bokeh element to it. As I was editing it, the colors didn’t meld well for me so I decided to test my own bit of a VSCO look. I hope you all enjoy the shot!

“I’ve posted a confession here, and I was overwhelmed by the support I got. Over 100 people liked the post, with several people reblogging and one person giving me some words of advice. I honestly think that the Disney community is one of the nicest and most supportive out of all the fandoms. We’re just there for each other, even if we don’t them. I think if Walt saw our community, I think he’d be proud, as a bit of kindness can make one’s day a little more magic.”

today during lunch I had a bit of an anxiety episode and walked myself to the art room whilst shaking and my art teacher talked me down and watched me sob uncontrollably and just kept saying “we can get through this together” and that made my heart melt. then he gave me some homemade cookies and told me funny stories. an old pal came up to me a gave me skittles and patted my back. and a junior was super sweet to me and we talked about everything from traveling the world to writing a book. it just goes to show that no matter how terrible you are feeling, you can get through this. I left the art room smiling and told my teacher: “before I came into this class, I wasn’t living for myself. I was living for others. I didn’t think I’d make it till the end of the school year. I didn’t think I had a future.” and he replied,
“you’re going to do such great things. you’re going to change the world. I can’t wait to see your art in galleries. I can’t wait to be able to say “I knew her. I taught her.”“ I swear I was about to burst into tears. I laughed and told him it was the other way around. I would be a curator at HIS museum.

I never knew one person could help you so much. and I learned today that people DO care. they do.