Warrior Culture : Viking

The Viking or Norse peoples were fierce and savage raiders and traders. Using the nimble, largely row powered longboats to reach both trading and combat targets. Quickly expanding their reach into previously untapped and unexplored regions of the map. And unlike most Warrior Cultures, women took a more active role in combat, leadership, and society. Norse women were able to both own property, and instigate a divorce.


She is a woman who is capitalizing on whatever she can find…It’s such an interesting world to live in, because you have to really, I think, separate yourself from what we think of as traditional gender roles. I get the Lady Macbeth thing a lot. And I get, “Oh, I don’t like Siggy because she’s so ambitious.’ One of the things that’s so unique about this time period that we’re trying to explore is that ambition isn’t gender specific. - Jessalyn Gilsig on playing Siggy. [requested by bethwoodvilles]