Love Notes

A fluffy Taehyung scenario requested by a lovely anon. It’s pretty lengthy, but enjoy! - Sun


It was just the beginning of another day at school where things repeated and you were used to it. You knew the small details of this routine of yours whenever you entered school. It was just the same scenery over and over again, nothing new or even odd sticking out and gathering your attention towards it. You lost sudden interest in those around you and only cared for your classes and small knit group of friends. You didn’t tend to what was going around you nor did you care about the latest drama and whatnot that roamed between the hallways of the lockers and flew from classroom to classroom.

School was just…school. There was nothing special about it. You didn’t like it nor could you say you hated it. It was okay, in all honesty. You were just here to learn, maintain your grades, and eventually get into college. Sometimes it was boring though, for nothing could make you sit at the edge of your seat or make you wake up with a bright smile, looking forward to an event at school. Everything was the same and it was a routine you memorized, expecting nothing new to happen and to expect whatever happened the previous day to happen again this day.

But someone disturbed your routine. Or should I say, something.

This something was specifically a pastel, stationary paper, colored in a light blue with little lace designed on the bottom of the paper. You chuckled at such a cute design, seeing it folded and addressed to you. Opening the note that was tapped onto your locker, you began to read it:

Hi there. I’m assuming a beautiful smile is on your face since you’re reading this right now.

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