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If STARISH & QN were a dance style what would the be?

Most are ballroom dances bc the admin here only knows ballroom dances hahahahaha sorry orz


OTOYA- Cha-Cha
MASATO- Minuet
NATSUKI- Two-step
REN- Rumba/Salsa
SYO- Breakdancing
CECIL- Tango

REIJI- Cotillion
RANMARU- Contemporary or zapateado
AI- One-step
CAMUS- Fox-trot

RINGO- Quadrille
RYUYA- Merengue

Me: *is almost out of the anime and otome pit*

Yuri on Ice: *is a thing*

Me: wait no

Bungou Stray Dogs: *releases 2nd season*

Uta no Prince Sama: *releases 4th season*

Me: please don’t do this

Mystic Messenger: *news of more possible routes*

Me: fuck this I give up drag me back to my pit of hell who needs a social life anyways
Literally the first lines of Ep 1
  • Otoya:Nanami!
  • Masato:Nanami.
  • Natsuki:Haru-chan!
  • Tokiya:Nanami-san.
  • Ren:Lady.
  • Syo:Nanami!
  • Cecil:Haruka.
  • Reiji:Kouhai-chan.
  • Ranmaru:Haruka.
  • Ai:Haruka.
  • Camus:Nanami.
  • Eiichi:Nanami.
  • Kira:Nanami.
  • Nagi:Haruka!
  • Eiji:Nanami-san.
  • Van:Ha-chan.
  • Yamato:Nanami.
  • Shion:Nanami!
  • Me:Are. you. fucking. kidding. me.

Utapri 5th Stage - Opening MC (1/2) [eng sub]

Edit: Part 2 here

Please take my translations with a grain of salt. If you spot any mistakes feel free to contact me. Credit goes to Naomi and Mayuka for the video! Thank you ^^