I stared off into oblivion and watched the dust particles ballet to a vacant tune. The sort of music that rang only in my ears as my ears heated up and reddened.

I sat right under the sun and watched them move with a freedom, one i envied. I stared off into the distance and stole glances your way while the small hair on my arm swayed trying to keep up with the particles that floated downwards occasionally.

I brushed my arm and smiled aimlessly and the prettiest blue wickets of the kids playing cricket six arm lengths away, fell. I looked back one last time- you didn’t need me anymore. You’d found a better fit.

Caption: enough is enough. I’ve put up with being Your second choice. Your back up plan. The one who you come crying to. The one you flirt with. The one who you make to like you. The one you pretend to like. The one who you leave when you have someone new. And when you and them break up….yeah you come back to me. The worst part is I let you. I wait for you. why? Because I love you. You know this. And take advantage. And there is nothing I can do..because I don’t want to lose you. But now I have decided to leave you. Leave the relationship I wished we’d been in. But never were. I will no longer be there when you want me. See how that makes you feel. Your shoulder to cry on is never coming back.