Living With Markiplier and the crew

Markiplier and the crew! AKA: Ethan, Tyler, Mark, Amy, Kathryn and Chica.

- Waking up tends to be nice
  - Unless it’s a super busy day
  - aka: short film days or big planned streams days
  - be prepared to have either tyler, mark or ethan bursting into your room screaming bloody murder at like, 6 am.
  - on normal days usually you just wake up on your own, or chica comes in for cuddles. Sometimes jumps onto your bed.

- Mark cooking breakfast, like a big family brekkie
- Ethan and Kathryn will be talking quietly because they’re both slow morning wakers and cannot handle loud energy right away

- Tyler is hella awake in the morning, energetic af too like wtf Tyler

- Music playing in the background often, like upbeat happy loud music. It’s just, peaceful and lovely music that keeps everyone happy and going.
- Dance Parties ensues often
- Lots of loud out of tune singing and screeching, followed by shouting and screaming and loud laughing
- It just keeps everyone happy having something in the background

- Kathryn mothering you and teaching you a hell of a lot of new things
- Just,,, becomes your mother away from home and you love that. She just loves you and accepts you so much just like everyone else.
- Be ready for cooking lessons, with mark joining in and also editing lessons.

- Amy and Mark like to look at you as their child since you’re the youngest.
- They love and adore you.

- You and Ethan are the cyptikids
- Tyler and Mark fear you both when you guys end up whispering and snickering away to each other.
  - “we’re going to die tonight aren’t we”
  - “I want to say no but, I’ll likely be wrong Mark”

- amy and you, sharing your love for aliens and such

- “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” [screaming from ethan follows, as well as something slamming into the wall and cups breaking]

- Be ready to avoid tyler sometimes,,
- mark and tyler plot against you and ethan a lot,, Just random pranks.
- You once had a glitter prank war.
- it was hell, and kathryn was furious and got you all to clean it up because it was /EVERYWHERE/ 

- cartoon marathons,,,

- if there is an art challenge they don’t let you participate because you’re already to great at art and everyone loves ur art.
  - therefore do it in the other room and burst in with a finished painting at the end of the video
  - becomes a regular thing

Thats all for now :D

Hope you liked it


~Teamiplier - Merry Christmas!!!~

HA YES I AM DONE (phew, i know. i am late :‘v) Merry Christmas to y'all out there who’re celebrating!! have this Teamiplier bois Fanart and stuff! …yeah! okay, good night.

also, if you’re wondering… “what the heck is Tyler wearing?” so i made a poll on instagram, wether tyler should be a Christmas tree or a snowman… and the result were 50-50(?) so i just decided to combine the two things. we like to have fun here-