TVD Preference

What he does to get your attention.

Damon: Damon will start to kiss you, he usually starts at your neck knowing you can’t ignore him. No matter how hard you try to resist his lips are too tempting and you give in.

Kol: Kol eventually gets bored of trying to get your attention the conventional way, so instead he picked you up and throws you over his shoulder. He does this every time and he works.

Klaus: Klaus will begin to draw random patterns on you with his fingers. It could trace his finger up along your arms until he reached your chin, when he would turn your head to face him and smirk deviously.

Stefan: Whenever Stefan tries to get your attention he’ll wrap his arms around your waist and pick you up, spinning you around, making you laugh. As soon as he hears the laugh he knows he has your attention.

Tyler: When Tyler wants to get your attention he’ll stop you doing whatever it is your attention is on. Like if you’re reading, he’ll grab your book and throw it over his shoulder, an innocent look on his face which always makes you smile.

Jeremy: Jeremy being the messer he is has one main way to get your attention, throwing things at you. For example, sweets. He’ll eat one and then pick one to throw at you until you pay him attention.


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Yessssss some Total Drama Dogs again!
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Total Drama series (Jennifer Pertsch; Tom McGillis)


For anon that requested more Tyler imagines

Tyler walked outside when he saw his uncle pull up “Hey Mason” he smiled as Mason approached him “I want you to meet Y/N, she’s inside c'mon” he grinned happily. “Y/N?” Mason questioned, Tyler nodded tucking his hands in his pockets. “She special?” Mason asked, smirking as he rose an eyebrow. “Very” Tyler replied, his smile wider.


For gigih4701 who requested more Tyler imagines

“Hey listen” Tyler said as he placed his hands on your cheeks, cupping them lightly. “You’ll be fine, I’ll help you I promise. I won’t let you trigger this” he nodded. You looked up at him, tears in your eyes. “But what if I do?” you asked, placing your hand on his, taking a deep breath. “Then, I’ll help you through that aswell” he smiled “You can trust me Y/N, I won’t let anything bad happen to you, whether you trigger it or not, I’ll be here”