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Have you read any novels based on Ogres & Oubliettes? I know your brother's a big fan of the game itself.

A few. Though they tend to irk me because the author doesn’t pay enough attention to detail and consistency.

For example, there might be a Sage with an animal companion, even though that’s restricted to the Druid class, or even more egregious errors like a Wizard who is not a Unicorn (excused by some vague explanation involving magic, but that’s not how magic works).

It can also be more subtle, like a character who is knowledgeable, persuasive, insightful and perceptive and different times even though it wouldn’t be possible to have the skill points for all those things simultaneously. It’s something you pick up on over time.

Clearly most of the ponies who write these things do not bother to create character sheets for their characters, since if they did it would help them assign traits and abilities in a fashion that’s true to the game.  And if that’s not important to you I don’t know why you’d bother writing stories based on the game in the first place.

Request: You shouldn’t have run from me

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You sat frozen in fear in the abandoned car to see a very distraught Aro and the Volturi behind him. You had dived in there in a weak attempt of safety from him. “You’re not doing this! You’re not doing this! You’re not leaving me!” He slammed his hands down on the hood of the car, leaving perfect handprints making you squeal, you tried so hard not to scream. “I won’t allow you!”

You got out of the car and began to walk back as he moved forward along with the Volturi behind him but much slower.
“I have done everything you wanted. I have given you all that you asked. Why won’t you let me have you!? I won’t hurt you!”
“It’s not as easy as that!” You pleaded. “You can’t bribe me to love you!”
“But I can! You just have to accept it.”
“Just please stop!”
“Stop what!?”
“This! All of this! Hurting people and trying to get me to love you!”
Aro suddenly seemed relaxed but wore a stern look. “I won’t ever stop - not until I have you.”
You pressed the heels of your hands into your eye sockets in frustration. “Just stop!” You cried.
“No.” You got a quieter response and so you did what you deemed best at the time. You ran.

You didn’t see the dangerous look Aro got in his eye nor how his jaw clenched. Of course any of them could have stopped you but Aro decided that they’d see how far you’d run. The further you went only made Aro furious.

You gasped when you were brutally shoved and pinned against a brick wall by Aro himself, no guard to be found. “Is this a game to you? Do you find this funny!? Because it’s not (Y/N), it’s exhausting and your playing with my feelings.” Aro whined. “You’ve made me so angry (Y/N), why, why did you run from me!?” Aro’s force grew and he finished his sentence, wrapping a hand tightly around your neck and squeezing…hard. You wheezed and gasped, no air getting through. You beat on his arm, eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“I’m sorry, you made me…!” Aro looked pained.
You began to go limp.
“Alec.” He mustered through a clenched jaw with a sudden aggressive tone. Black mist crawled along the wall around you before everything was suddenly gone. The last thing you heard was Aro’s growl.
You shouldn’t have run from me.”

An Unpredictable Foe: Benjamin x Reader

Request: Benjamin loves to bother the reader with his powers, like she walks near a fountain and he soaked her in water, or he lets the wind messing up her hair etc.

A/N: I haven’t actually seen Twilight so forgive me if I didn’t get Benjamin’s powers right lol.

“Shit!” You mutter as you glance at your watch for the fourth time. You’re rushing to your physics class, you’re late as always. It’s a typical, freezing winter day in Forks and you’re praying you don’t slip. You’re clutching onto your books tightly as you run across the courtyard. No one is in sight since everyone has already gone to class, but you’d slept in by accident.

Hurrying past the fountain, you don’t notice Benjamin watching you with his striking, red eyes from one of the picnic benches. Suddenly, you feel a slosh of water enveloping you.

“What the hell?” You shriek, the cold water from the fountain immediately seeping through your coat. You drop your books in shock.

You notice Benjamin when he calmly makes his way towards you. His movements are so fluid, his clothes expensive looking and his olive skin tinged pale. You know what he is, your best friend Bella told you he was a friend of the Cullen’s who was staying with them for a while. God knows why he’d decided to sample the less than mediocre American school system.

He smirks a little at your predicament, never breaking eye contact while he picks up your books from the ground. He hands them to you then shrugs his coat off and offers it to you.

“Here, take yours off and I will have it dried for you. You appear to be in a rush.”

“No, no, I can’t take yours you’ll be freezing!” You exclaim, but immediately realise your mistake, and turn bright red. He scoffs, pulling your books from your arms and setting them on a bench by the fountain.

He ignores your protests as he helps you out of your jacket then drapes his own over your shoulders, then hands your books back to you.

“Go.” He smiles.

“Thank you so much.” You smile apologetically, then high tail it to class.


For the entirety of your physics class, you were distracted by the memory of what had transpired between you and Benjamin. You’d always thought him unusual, intelligent and gorgeous. You’d exchanged words in the classes you shared, but he still shared the same perfect image that the Cullen’s had, leaving you feeling inferior and unable to be friends with him.

“Y/N! Are you listening?” You’re shaken from your thoughts by your teacher’s shout from the front of the class.

“Yes, sorry sir!” You assure him, he glares at you, clearly unconvinced, then goes back to teaching the lesson. Bella nudges you.

“You’ve been zoned out all lesson, are you okay?” She asks.

You sigh dramatically, resting your head on your arms that are crossed on your desk.

“Benjamin gave me his coat before class.” You explain, but the statement seems to raise more questions than it answers judging by Bella’s expression.

“What? Why?”

“I was running late and then I got splashed by the fountain so he gave me his coat.” You recount the story. She raises an eyebrow at you.

“You were… Splashed?” She repeats incredulously.

“Mhm.” You say simply.

“There is no wind today, how exactly did you get splashed by the fountain hm?”

When she put it that way, you realise that it was pretty strange.

“Huh, I didn’t think of it like that. Weird.” You muse, still not particularly bothered by the strange occurrence. Bella stared at you, a look of exasperation on her sharp features. “What?”

“Benjamin did it.”

You roll your eyes.

“Right, and how could he have done it when he wasn’t anywhere near the fountain when it happened?” You argue. She sighs in irritation.

“Benjamin can control the elements, idiot.” You open your mouth to ask more about this, but your teacher interrupts.

“That’s it for today class, make sure you read page 49 of the textbook in preparation for our next lesson.” And with that, the entire class is packing up their stuff and rushing from the classroom. You follow Bella, hoping you’ll be able to find out more at lunch.


You practically run from your history class at 12, desperate to find Bella, but someone grabs your shoulder as you dash out the doorway. You whip round, ready to give the person a piece of your mind, but you’re met with Benjamin smiling coolly at you. Anything you were about to say slips from your mind instantly.

He hands you your coat.

“Its dry, I hope my coat was warm enough for you. As you might have deduced by now, it’s mainly for show.” You can feel your cheeks turning pink, but you regain enough composure to shrug his coat off and give it back to him. To your surprise, your coat is warm when you put it on.

“I put it on a radiator.” He says, as if he read your thoughts, but of course that isn’t his power.

“You splashed me!” You exclaim suddenly. His head cocks, his face a picture of innocence.

“I have no idea what you’re referring to.” He replies.

“But you- Bella said-“

“I’d love to stay and chat more, but I have arrangements for lunch.” He smiled apologetically. He took your hand in his, planted a kiss on it, then walked away. Your jaw was on the floor at this point. He had quite literally skated across your accusation and escaped.

You huffed in frustration and marched off in the direction of the cafeteria.


At three, you were leaving your last class of the day and making your way home. You only lived a short distance from the school and walked most days, unless the weather was particularly unforgiving. Today though, it wasn’t so bad, simply chilly.

You pull your coat tighter around yourself, making sure you bag doesn’t fall from your shoulder as you do so. You exit the school gates, glad to be escaping after the day you’ve had. You think about Benjamin for what seems to be the hundredth time today, he was so infuriating, but you can’t seem to get him out of your head.

As you walk down the street, a sudden gust takes you by surprise, blowing you backwards to the point you lose your footing. Just as you’re sure your ass is going to make contact with the sidewalk, arms catch you. You glance up to see Benjamin smiling smugly down at you.

“You should really be careful, Y/N. The elements are an unpredictable foe.”

Request: Jane Volturi x stoic!reader

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“So…you’re upset that I don’t react to you anymore?” You asked.
“(Y/N)!” Jane snapped.
How did you get here?

Puny human, weak, waste of space.
You were it all, even to the twins. It hurt and it hacked away at your self-esteem. So you did what you were told to do with every bully.
Ignored it. You didn’t respond, you didn’t even flinch. You didn’t walk away from them, you didn’t do anything at all. You just let them but never let it get to you. Or so you thought.
You began to feel rather numb, even after the insults died down. The twins had began to warm up to you. Whilst you didn’t push them away, you always seemed to be somewhere else.
Soon enough Jane confronted you, with little patience and here you were now.

“You weren’t like this before. What happened!? Why are you being so insolent-”
“Insolent? What happened?  You want to know what happened? You happened. You’re mad at everyone and treat us like crap and now you don’t want to face the consequences? You are still a child, aren’t you?” You knew your words would hurt and they did. Jane had never seen you with so much hateful things to say and so she couldn’t find a response.
“You enjoyed sucking every ounce of esteem I had. You, your brother and the rest of you. You leeched at it until there was nothing left. Even when I didn’t respond you still carried on. Tell me Jane, now that I’ve said my piece, was your laugh worth it?”
Jane had visibly shrunken in posture, still silent, unable to muster words as she stared at you. You hadn’t shown one bit of emotion. She couldn’t even say you enjoyed the cruelty.

“I-I don’t know what to say…I don’t know what to do to fix it.” She said finally. “Funny, neither do I. That suggests you can fix it. Maybe this is too broken to be fixed.” You gestured between you and herself. There was the final blow and Alec was suddenly gripping his sisters grip and glaring at you. You stared at them before walking away…and not looking back.



twilight; dusk. 

Etymology: dialectal, from Middle English dim, dym, from Old English dim, dimm, ‎“dim, dark, gloomy; wretched, grievous, sad, unhappy”, from Proto-Germanic *dimmaz ,‎“dark”, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰem-, ‎“to whisk, smoke, blow; dust, haze, cloud; obscure”. Compare Faroese dimmur, Icelandic dimmur, ‎“dark”) and dimma, ‎“darkness”.

[Erin Hanson - Saguaro Dusk]

Request: Alec changing you part 2

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You lay on the bed in the dungeon, shaking slightly. The options were, face unbearable pain and die, or face unbearable pain linger and turn into a vampire. You snatched Alec’s cold hand. “It’s okay.“ Alec rested his hand in your forehead. “No, it’s not.” You whimpered. You heard someone yell in agony and Alec scowled looking behind him. “Don’t worry -”
“I understand, this is a scary place. Just, get it over with. I’m getting more freaked out by the second.”
Alec nodded. “Fast?”
“As fast as you can.” Alec nodded again. He looked at you for a moment before he was a blur and a piercing pain made its way up your neck. The pain was like lightning. Pain zigzagging it’s way around your neck. Then… The burning sensation occurred. It was like lava slowly burning through every fibre of your being.

You screamed and cried, clawing at yourself.
“No, no, no!” Jane yelled was instantly pinning your arms down as you flailed. It had been a few hours and each member was taking turns in checking on you. You were sobbing hysterically, and hyperventilating. They couldn’t interfere with the transition. If Alec used his gift on you, it could run the risk of your death. The unknown was not something they were willing to test today, not on you.

A few days later, Felix came down to find you frighteningly still, your heart was slowing and you only made a small whine in the very back of your throat.
“Hey now, you still there? Squeeze my hand.” Felix felt a brief and firm squeeze. “Good on you kid. It’s almost over. You’re doing great.”

A few hours later, your eyes opened and you sat up. It was dark, very dark. There was only one window which illuminated your face and soon the twins, Felix, Demetri and the leaders came down the steps. The guards were in front. Alec was the first you saw.
You tilted your head, your eyes wide with awe and curiosity.
“Hey kid. You gonna take it easy?” Felix asked slowly.
You sat still. They weren’t too concerned, you had a very submissive stance set. Alec took a step forward. “Love? May i approach?” You didn’t answer but didn’t show any sign of refusal so he slowly moved forward. With wide doe-like eyes you moved forward on your knees on the thin bed. Jane took a smaller step forward, eyes trained on you. You looked up at him as Alec stood directly in front of you.
“Hello.” He breathed before slowly raising his hand close to your face as though preparing you. You didn’t falter and he carefully stroked your cheek.
“Look at you.” He said quietly with a smile. You leaned into his touch. You seemed to recognise it, yearning as though you had been looking for it all this time.
“Say something.” He whispered.
“O-Ouch.” You said slowly as you smiled.
“Yes, I know love.” Alec said as he kissed your head. “You did well.”

It appeared the leaders had seen enough as they had left without anyone realising. Suddenly you were very aware of a different kind of burning that lingered in your throat and your smile vanished. Your eyes quickly melted into black. “You’re going to have that for a while, my love. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” Alec cupped your face and patted your cheek in reassurance.