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Actually, the switch from Japanese to Korean seems to have been planned ahead.

Yoochun said this during rehearsals:

Rehersals for that performance were shown in “All Eyes On DBSK in MTV VMAJ” and the date says 5th of June, and that’s 21 days before the performance.

So it seems Leader-ssi didn’t actually make any mistakes. Or in his own words:

Still, thanks to Jaejoong dropping and breaking microphones often we can be sure TVXQ are not lip-syncing majority of time :)

Uee Visits TVXQ’s Yunho at Training Completion Ceremony, SM Clarifies Relationship: Recently, photos were posted online of After School’s Uee visiting TVXQ’s Yunho during his training completion ceremony on August 27, naturally raising questions about the nature of their relationship.

According to an industry insider on September 2, on the day of the ceremony, Yunho’s family and friends, as well as Uee, showed up in support. “There were a lot of people there, but not many recognized Uee,” said the source, who continued, “Because she was the only celebrity there to visit, they didn’t want to start any rumors and tried to keep news of her presence from getting out.”

A representative from Uee’s agency spoke to TV Report, saying, “It is true that Uee visited Yunho during his ceremony. However, they are not dating. They are simply close friends.” 

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