I got distracted since the last Avatar/TTGL crossover I did but then I saw niuner’s Tenzin Lagann.  Figured I needed to get this done before everyone moves on to Kill la Kill crossovers!

Also I attempted it make some sort of Raava/Dai Gurren Dan logo thing but every time I tried…I just kept picturing something like this and kept laughing:

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(believe in tea, who believes in you)

Science Lesson with Hey Anime!

We all know how fantastic Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is. Quite possibly one of the best anime around. And my personal favorite! But did you know about this subtle thing they snuck in!?

Lord Genome who is also refereed to as The Spiral (or helix) King. And helix being the shape of DNA.

There are also The Four Generals for The Helix King. (There are four bases of DNA)

Adiane (Adenine)

Guame (Guanine)

Thymilph (Thymine)

Cytomander (Cytosine)

It could also be referred to as Viral, being the “virus” that throws off the stability within the DNA's structure. Possibly being a beastman with Spiral Energy.

I love how far the creators went as to putting this together, Just making something out of how just one idea, from something like DNA. I hope you all can enjoy this concept as much as I do.