mine:true love

Perhaps this is just a spark
a spark that will fade
when the rain comes
when someone new comes
I think this is a wildfire
I do not know if it can be stopped
—  m. a.

• Emma and Killian • - “It will be because you want me”

  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin, there’s something I need to ask…
  • Himuro: Yes?
  • Murasakibara: Will you… [kneels down]
  • Murasakibara: [opens box]
  • Murasakibara: Marry me?
  • Himuro:
  • Himuro: Atsushi, that’s an onion ring.
  • Murasakibara: I know.
  • Himuro:
  • Himuro: Fuck it. Give me that.