Chris D'Elia

he’s really super hilarious

Enver Gjokaj is an amazing actor and his ability to play so many different characters in Dollhouse is just incredible. To be able to get Topher’s voice and mannerisms down to the T particularly impressed me. Truthfully he was one of the only Dolls that truly seemed to be a completely different person when they imprinted him. i’m really surprised that he doesn’t get more roles.


So basically the rest of the session consisted of me cussing and trying to get Topher to grow up. I usually ignore the testingcheats and am pretty good at wrangling twins, but the glitches all over the apartment needed offsetting, so I resorted to dragging up crucial bars at crucial times more often than I wanted to. They’re still in pretty desperate straights, though. I did get Tina’s outfits planned, but the teen makeover will have to wait.

Tilda is Cancer, Topher is Aries. As it stands at the moment, none of the kids like each other, but Topher likes Tina better than anyone except Trisha. Those apartment glitches kept him from bonding properly with his parents, as for quite a lot of the day they couldn’t get at him at all. So it looks like poor Topher gets to be the family goat - the slow kid, the troublesome kid, the one who isn’t quite up to snuff, maybe with a learning disability or at least a kink in his brain that makes him look at the world differently. We’ll see if that pans out over time.


Even by the standards of households with twins, the Travellers were a nightmare! I had dishes that wouldn’t clean up (I finally had to use the stuck object remover on them, one at a time!), stuck SFX, an invisible sim blocking the birdcage, neighbors who came to complain about the stinky plates (which somehow trumped changing poor Topher’s diaper every time) and then would not leave. MaryG, bless her, at least fed and washed Tilda. She and Trisha are understandably cold toward each other (given that they lust after each others’ husbands), but babies are babies. Between twins and glitching and desperately sending Trent out to Booktique to clear away the bratwurst that got accidentally left out last time anyone was there and therefore appears, spoiled, every time anyone visits and has to be cleaned up anew, nobody had any time to fill any wants at all, though Trent rolled several involving Trisha that normally would have been easy points, and that I really wanted to fill, to get him into the habit of being husbandly, since his failure in that department had such dire consequences in Drama Acres.

Tina played her fun up with Isaiah and I rolled for aspiration when she grew, using a four-sider so as not to repeat her Drama Acres or Strangetown aspirations. She got Fortune, so - a frustrating teenhood, but a useful one for her! She likes swimsuits and black hair, so is spoiled for choice around here (especially since it’s summer and the Swimming Hole will be such a major hangout), and wants to earn $100,000 simoleons.

Tina’s outfit is unworthy of the owner of Booktique, but no time to get into the clothes Trent bought last rotation - she has twins to grow up! Tilda, fresh from MaryG’s ministrations, gave us no trouble. Somehow that wasn’t the face I expected from these parents, but I think when she grows up those’ll turn out to be mostly Trent’s features.

But what about poor stinky Topher? The changing table isn’t giving us the option to change him, and Tina’s energy is sinking fast, while Trisha and Trent are both completely drained!