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Headcanons for Thor having a crush on you

  • The biggest hugs all day every day 24/7
  • Protective Thor
  • Thor always trying to cheer you up and make you feel better when you’re sad
  • Thor always talking about how great you are to other people
  • Thor smiling the widest when he’s with you
  • Giving you cute petnames
  • Always being there when you need him
  • Constantly complimenting you on everything
  • Doing everything he can to make you smile
  • Reassuring you that even if you can’t lift his hammer, you’ll always be the worthiest person he knows.
This is what my aunt offered me for my birthday

First I was like “oh a cookbook, it’s nice” But it’s not JUST a cookbook

This is 42 recipes inspire from movies, books, mangas, comics or even horror stories

like we have

 Doctor who:


Lord of the rings:

they even put a stencil for the eye !!

Harry Potter :

“recipes from Helga Hufflepuff”



and so much more: Star wars, back to the future, one piece, superman, dragon ball…

I will (probably) cherish this book until I die