The Avengers as Songs
  • Iron Man:"Iron Man" (Black Sabbath)
  • Captain America:"America Fuck Yeah" (Trey Parker)
  • Thor:"Can't Touch This" (MC Hammer)
  • Hulk:"The Lonely Man" (Josh Harnell)
  • Black Widow:"Black Widow" (Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora)
  • Hawkeye:"Surfin' Bird/ Bird Is The Word" (The Trashmen)
  • Scarlet Witch:"The Devil Within" (Digital Daggers)
  • Quicksilver:"Gotta Go Fast" (Norman J. Grossfeld and Russell Velazquez)
  • The Vision:"One Vision" (Queen)
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy:"Stand By Me" (Ben E. King)
  • Ant-Man:"Everything I do (I do it for you)" (Bryan Adams)
  • Black Panther:"Africa" (Toto)
  • Dr. Strange:"Burning Down the House" (Talking Heads)
  • Captain Marvel:"E.T." (Tyler Ward, orig. Katy Perry

Of all the Avengers, I would love for Peggy to meet Thor. Nat too, obviously, but of the dudes, Thor. Especially since Steve and Thor are bros on the battlefield. They are both acknowledged warriors and respect each other because of it. Can’t you see it, though?

“Peggy, this is Thor.”

Thor looked down at the diminutive woman who was holding out a hand to him. “Very pleased to meet you, Thor Odinson.”

He recalled the Captain’s talk of the woman before him. It had only happened once, when Steve had drunk much Asgardian mead, and to all intents, it seemed this woman was a Queen among womankind, the greatest of her sex in all of Midgard.

Her hand was so small that his engulfed it completely. “It is an honour to meet such a great warrior and leader, Lady Peggy.”

Peggy Carter’s eyebrows rose. “Has Steve been telling tales?” she asked, giving the Captain a look.

“He has only spoken honestly,” Thor replied, though he could see the telltale reddening of Steve’s face that suggested he was embarrassed. Of course, he couldn’t stop himself from making matters worse. After all, what was a brother at arms for? He leaned closer and murmured to Peggy Carter. “I believe he would build you a throne if you asked it of him.”

“Thor!” Steve exclaimed in indignation.

Peggy Carter’s red lips broke into a wicked smile. “I do believe you’re right,” she said, then winked at Thor in a way that spoke of conspiracy and amusement. She turned her eyes towards the Captain, widening them in all innocence. “Or is he wrong, Steve?”

Steve gave them both a haughty look. “You are both assholes.”

Peggy Carter laughed as loud as Thor.


Imagine: Having your first child with Loki, but you start dying shortly after birth. Loki then promises to take care of them forever. [x]

Y/N: *whispers* Come here, Loki.
Loki: My love, are you alright?
Y/N: I-I’m fine… *starts closing eyes*
Loki: *holds your hand* *turns to midwives* What’s happening? What’s happening to her?
Midwife: She’s dying, Prince Loki. The birth has weaken her severley.
Loki: What?
Midwife: She’s dying.
Loki: Leave. Leave now! *turns to Y/N* My love, my love hold on.
Y/N: Loki, promise me something: promise me you’ll take care of our child. Forever and always.
Loki: I promise. Forever and always.
Y/N: *smiles* Good bye, Loki… I love you.
Loki: Y/N, I love you too.

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