What follows is actually an incredibly sad and uncomfortable scene. Over the years, we’ve watched Joe joyfully kill many, many times, in gruesome and horrific ways. But this scene, his legal execution, is the hardest to watch. Why? Because it’s so real—and we witness every single unnerving moment. From injection to flatline, we bear witness—like Hardy and the families of Joe’s victims—to the death of Joe Carroll.

In anticipation for the Season 3 premiere of “The Following” tonight, I’m reposting the article I did on the show following the Season 2 finale.

I’ve seen articles that described “Arrow” and “Gotham” as shows about Batman without Batman, but have you ever considered that “The Following” is also one of those shows also?

(Warning: there are spoilers for those who have never seen the show.)



Another glimpse of Ruth Kearney as ‘Daisy’ in The Following!
(Thanks to Mel & G for the head’s up!)

At the end of the day, Hardy heads home. Every trace of Gwen is gone. She officially moved on—moved out of his life. But remember, Hardy is not alone. He’s always got Joe.

The aftermath is rough. Joe is dead—but his essence (and influence) lives on in Hardy’s actions. He’s (heavily) drinking again. He’s sidestepping the (FBI) rules. He almost killed a (bad) guy. It’s a dark and twisted road for Hardy. Where’s the light at the end of this tunnel?