The night you couldn’t sleep. The night you stared at the ceiling, thinking, ‘Is this it?’ ‘Is this the best life has to offer?’ No. There is a freedom in you that knows no fear.

Yummy in my tummy :P

(At good cause too just 168 HKD for Platter Set and 100 HKD for Drink)

Location: Sugar Bar, The East Hotel, Hong Kong

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Steven Spielberg once referred to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange as the “first punk rock movie.” Not sure what the second one was (maybe Repo Man), but in the new Fox Searchlight trailer for The East, I can’t help but draw the conclusion that The East could be this generation’s A Clockwork Orange. Of course, it’s no Stanley Kubrick film, and there really isn’t any director who could capture the punk rock aesthetic like Kubrick did in Clockwork. But in just one minute, the trailer for The East seems to make the case for being the first movie to capture the essence of the ‘Anonymous’ anarcho-punk movement that has inspired hackers, graffiti artists, and writers to fight what they consider to be the injustices of modern society. Now, whether The East will end up being this generation’s Clockwork is impossible to tell. But the trailer seems to do a good job of selling the mere possibility of such an event, and for me, that’s worth telling people to definitely check this movie out on May 31.