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First Base - Self Promotion

You’ve got take control of your brand.

Written by Zack Phillips
Directed by Adam Sacks
Shot & Edited by Nathan Russell
Shot by Andy Bond & Angel Yau
Produced by Moujan Zolfaghari
Starring Don Fanelli
Guest Starring Phil Jackson

HOLY SHIT THIS IS FINALLY DONE!!!! This is a new ID for me here on Tumblr as well as DA hope you guys don’t mind but a few of my OCs wanted to make an appearance too. My Moogle too….. He’s such a silly XP Don’t worry I put the logos on to show which universe they’re from.

OCs From the Top
Big Hero 6: Akira Sojibo, Inventor at the San Fransokyo University & Tadashi’s GF before he passed
Mushi-shi: Fuyu, Ginko’s daughter and Mushi Master in training
Pokemon: Aubrey Alterna & her Lucario ^^
Sonic Universe: Loa, Brotherhood/ Locke’s clone experiment that was the first true success & now he’s living his own life happily. Tohka & Cindi-Lu, she was my first Sonic OC then Tohka came later, they’re a happily married couple as they live & look after Angel Island. And finally Bai Hua (as I found out by dumb chance means ‘White flower’ How about them beans? XD) she lives in the Land of a Million Lights and works as a waitress at a local restaurant. When summoned into action, she serves as Constance Vigil’s bodyguard with incredible strength & martial art skill esp with her main weapon of choice: her Bo staff that has heavy weights and sharp points on both ends.

Whatchu guys think? XD

These OCs belong to MEH D8 just like how this ID does X3
The logos belong to their respective owners like Big Hero 6 belongs to Disney, Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Sonic belongs to Archie, & Mushi-Shi belongs to Yuki Urushibara