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First Base - Self Promotion

You’ve got take control of your brand.

Written by Zack Phillips
Directed by Adam Sacks
Shot & Edited by Nathan Russell
Shot by Andy Bond & Angel Yau
Produced by Moujan Zolfaghari
Starring Don Fanelli
Guest Starring Phil Jackson

⭐️Customer Feature⭐️

Thank you so much @oshiokidesuka for posting this awesome picture!!
Rin sporting his new wig~ I’m not used to handling such thick fur wigs, so it took me a while to get it back to his usual hairstyle. :’D
But it looks and feels amazing, and it’s much easier to manipulate compared to the old one too! <3

#abjd #bjd #dreamofdoll #dod #theb #furwig #bjdfurwig #monstrodesigns #bjddoll

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