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Ik that you're not really happy right now bc of the queerbaiting from Vilde, but could you maybe recommend some good shows? 🙈

One day at a time, absolutely adore this show. About a Cuban-American family made up by their grandmother, the mother Penelope (who is a veteran) and the two children Elena and Alex. The first season is on Netflix (and it has been renewed for s2!!!!) and I love it. It is a comedy about them dealing with their daily life. The story takes place in Penelope’s place of work (she is a nurse) and their apartment with many visits from their landlord Schneider who is an unofficial part of their little family. And it has an amazing coming out story (Elena is a lesbian!!!!) and it handles it very well. Majority of the cast is Latinx.

The Mindy project, guilty pleasure watch. The first couple seasons are very good, but now not that much. About a gynecologist called Mindy Lahiri living in New York and working in a hospital. A comedy too. A lot of it is about her love life, but also her friends, professional career and later also her son. The love storylines are pretty good, even though i haaaate her main love interest (I was so happy when he left the show). It is on HBO.

Dear White People, the first season is out on Netflix and I love it. It is about a series of black college students at a predominantly white college who experience discrimination. It is sort of like Skam in the way that every episode is from a new person’s pov and i think it is really interesting cause it deals with the same incidents from multiple people’s perspective and suddenly you have a completely new understanding of everything in the show. Also features a coming out story by a male gay character. My favorite characters is Coco.

The good wife, legal drama about a wife of the Illinois state’s attorney who has to start working as a lawyer again when her husband is put in jail for possible corruption (he also cheated on her with a sex worker). The only job she can get is in her ex-boyfriend’s office and it creates lot of tension and drama. My favorite character is Diana the boss in the company (she is getting her own spin-off and I can’t wait!!!). Has one wlw character Kalinda, but she is one of those “hook up with multiple genders but will never put a label on it” characters so it is a little meh…

Big little lies, a murder mystery with four moms involved. It is an hbo mini series and I was hooked from day one. It has happened a murder on the school’s fundraiser and we see the day’s leading up to the murder. It has an amazing cast btw. Trigger warnings in the show, rape and domestic abuse. I’m reading the book the show is based on.

Likyhammer, I bet you didn’t know that the first Netflix original series was a collaboration with NrK. This show used to be the most popular in Norway and is about an American gangster who joins the witness protection program and moves to Lillehammer in Norway. He experiences major culture shock and a big difficulty hiding his true identity. The show is great for those who want to continue watching something Norwegian and explains a lot about Norwegian culture. The show is in a mix of Norwegian and English the Norwegian characters speak Norwegian to each other and English with the main character. Features a bisexual female character in its last season.

Hope this is helpful Xx