Listen I was going to write a ficlet about this but I didn’t have time and now I’ve drank too much wine and convinced my mom to do jaeger bombs with me so like anyways, point is, this year Chowder and Dex totally go to Nursey’s for thanksgiving! Because Chowder isn’t going to fly home to CA when they have a game this weekend, and Dex isn’t about that Discourse Lyfe that he knows will be happening in the Poindexter household… plus NYC isn’t that far away and Nursey actually offered.

They’re a little nervous because neither of Nursey’s moms have come to that many games or anything cause they work a lot, so they have no idea what to expect??

And then they get there and Nursey’s moms are both so lovely? There’s lots of hugs and cheek kisses and a handful of aunts and uncles and just… tons and tons of really great food. There’s Mac and cheese (Dex’s mind is blown) and a bunch of stuff neither Chris or Dex have had before but everything tastes Amazing.

But the best part, the best part is how happy Nursey is. There’s lipstick stains on his cheeks but he’s glowing, eyes soft and hair all a mess from so many hugs and… they hadn’t realized that Nursey was never fully comfortable at Samwell, not quite. There’s just a certain way people hold themselves when they’re finally home, and god damn, it’s quite the look on Derek Nurse.

okay but Dex and Nursey’s arguments have definitely devolved into that thing that you’d always do to your younger siblings with the “Stop hitting yourself!” thing.

Dex will be like, “Why are you sitting so close to me? I don’t need you touching me.” So of course Nursey just has to like poke him or something, which naturally escalates to him grabbing Dex’s wrist and making him slap himself in the face, complete with, “Stop hitting yourself! Why are you slapping yourself Dex? Come on brah, get it together, can’t you control your own hands?”

At some point Dex just goes into Hulk Mode ™ and like tackles him onto the gross couch and there’s probably a lot of sexual tension idk.

Meanwhile, Chowder looks into the camera like he’s on the office and shakes his head. Kids these days.