the true gentleman's way | mina & killian

The port town was loud near the harbor, but Killian paid little attention to the noise as he hurried past and through the crowds of people, the papers that declared him a lieutenant of the royal navy clutched in his hand. He’d finally made it, and he couldn’t wait to share the news with Liam; after all, it had been with his brother’s help that he’d gotten as far as he did. 

So he passed by shopkeepers and shoppers, dockworkers and fishermen and naval officers, looking for the sight that had greeted him day after day. That of his brother’s ship, the vast and mighty Jewel, but he couldn’t seem to find her, no matter how far he looked. 

Killian was so distracted looking off in the distance that he failed to see what–or rather who–was right in front of him, and nearly ran right into them. 

“Matt Czuchry looks thinner and more gaunt every week. I’m horrified for Cary, but I have to applaud Matt’s beautifully controlled descent into the valley of the shadow of death. He’s wrung every little piece of emotion he can from this story line, but done it with restraint and finesse. I’m so impressed. This character has gone through some pretty amazing transformations; I’m really glad the show decided to give him such a pivotal (and beefy) role this season, letting him occupy the same sort of narrative space Will used to inhabit. It’s like they’re promoting from within, and I like that. Not only does the actor deserve the chance, but he’s fully repaid the show’s faith in him" (x)