Teen Wolf Stiles x reader x Derek Ch.18

__ went to Derek’s hide out and he filled her in. Scott was there, which made __’s face blow up bright right, growling at him. How could he be here and not even visit Stiles once? Running as fast as she could, __ lunged at him like she was in the football team. Scott yelped like a little girl. Everyone else was just as shocked to see her doing that. The only one enjoying it, like always, was Peter. Isaac cracked up a small grin, his usual signature move.

“How could you not visit him after I left you a message?” __ growled, spit flying everywhere. She was having a hard time controlling herself now.

“Stiles can wait. Plus, mom told me he’s okay. We’ve got bigger problems to worry about,” Scott said, trying to get __ off of his belly. She was resting on it, legs blocking each side.

“Bigger problems?” __ laughed bitterly. “If it were your little girlfriend Allison, you would’ve run like a dog to her Scott. In fact, you have.” __’s eyes were bloody red by the moment she uttered the last sentence. Scott knew she was right about that, but he remained silent. He couldn’t find anything else to say.

It felt like they were alone there. There wasn’t anyone with them

“He’s always your damn second choice. It’s Stiles we’re talking about here!” she punched the ground besides his head, cracking it. “He’s never once!” __ lowered her voice a bit. “Once not showed up when you were in danger. But you never repaid the favors, did you?

“I can’t believe how love sick you are.” __ punched, with both hands, the sides of his head fiercely, then dropped her head on his shoulder, strands of hair falling shamelessly everywhere. When she spoke, her voice was a bit muffled, yet clear as day, as her tone was firm, even, planned to get to a point. “Why can’t you just protect him when I can’t? He needs us and we need him back. If he were dead, we’d be dead, too. Don’t you realize that? He’s my anchor.” Silent tears escaped __’s eyelids. She tried blinking them away, but to no avail.

“He’s the one to cheer us up when we’re sad, the one to help when we’re in trouble, the one to crack a smile first, the one who can be so annoying but so adorable and funny at the same time. He’s our Stiles.” __ was talking about them, however, deep down, that’s what Stiles meant for her. He meant the world. It was one of those moments, where nothing seemed to matter if you thought about it, but once it’s out there, transmitted in the air, it made it real, made it matter.

In pure frustration, __ started punching the ground as hard as she could. This time Derek and Peter both ran towards hard, pinning her arms to her back, and pulling her off Scott.

“Chanel your anger towards our real enemy, __,” Derek whispered in her ear, but it was more of a hiss than anything.

“Fine,” said __ with a tongue click, an eye flicker. They let go of her.“I’m not sorry, though. He knows I’m right.” Isaac approached __ and high-5’d her.

Scott got up, dusted himself, then sheepishly rubbed his neck. “She is right, Derek.”

__ wanted to crack up a smile so badly. Finally he admitted she was right. __ huffed.

“So, is anyone going to tell me the plan?” she asked, looking at everyone.

“Yeah. We go and fight,” Derek stated simply.

“Good plan!” __ mocked, making a face that said ‘not bad’. “And I say we call the avengers.”

“Nerd,” Scott snorted.

“Why, thank you!” __ said in a fake British accent, followed by a bow. “Now, seriously, what’s the plan?” she finished, looking at Derek for an explanation.

“We go in and we fight,” he replied.

“Against a pack of Alphas?” Isaac asked, disbelief and fear itching his face.

“I’m usually up for all crazy but this is suicide,”  __ confronted. “I’m not suicidal.” She shrugged and held up her arms up, palms wide open, somehow in a giving gesture.


The Alphas smelled their ambush like they were some rotten fish in the net from miles. They were all waiting for them. Everyone of them took someone to fight. __ picked the girl whoever her name was. She had a tanned complexion, sly, evil, but very pretty and athletic. She moved quickly, which made __ dizzy sometimes.

It was exhausting to say the least. __’s pack was losing fast. __ didn’t think it was necessary to use her abilities at first; she knew martial arts. The woman with long nails, bate feet proved her wrong.

Deucalion was after Alphas, and if he found out she was one, too, he’d never let her go. He’d hurt her friends.

__ swung her fists professionally, each got dodged by her opponent, then she smirked and did a roundhouse kick. Nails- was she decided to call that woman- dodged it a second top late. It hit her square in the face, making a few cracking noises, followed by spitting vermilion blood that bottled up.

__ realized Nails had a pattern. She repeated every kick at least twice. One would expect her not to in a fight this serious. She was underestimating __.

“Oh, poor, little mouth of yours,” __ raised her hand towards her mouth like you do when you do something bad and say oops. __’s, though, was full of mockery. “Did that hurt? I bet it did,” she taunted. The easy way to win a fight is get make your opponent angry by taunting. They just start throwing everything they have recklessly, aimlessly. Nails did just that.

__ quickly glanced to see how everyone was doing. The new werewolves were having a hard time against the Alphas. They had gashes everywhere.

“Why,” started Nails. “Don’t you use your werewolf abilities?”

“Honestly?” __ asked to no one in particular. “You’re not worth it.” __ shrugged.

“Aaaaaaagh!” growled Nails. How much if an easy target was she?

“Come at me, bro!” ushered __, pressing her palms open then made a gesture that told Nails come on.

Before that happened, Allison appeared, shooting arrows that produced a blinding light to werewolves. __ closed her eyes. When it was over, Derek and that big guy Nails was into were on the edge fighting each other. Panicked, Scott and __ rushed towards them and slashed at the big, for he was gaining dominance. It helped Derek flip the table. He struggled pushing off the big guy off the ledge, yet he had a strong grip on Derek and brought each other down the edge. Slow motion was the word perfect for describing that fall. Scott was screaming.

__ was struck by a lightening of silence. Her eyes stared at him, her hand reaching for his. The tips of their fingers touched slightly before Derek was lost to kingdom come.

Mouth agape, hands shaking, balled into fists, __ finally screamed in agony. She turned around her enemies, growled like a wolf, her eyes turning bright red.

“This is much, much more interesting,” whispered to himself, Deucalion. They all retreated then. No one was a winner.