Here is 1P illustration for my friend’s Sterek Fanfic How to deal with your poetry teacher?

Notion: College AU, Computer Science Major! Stiles, Poetry Literature lecturer! Derek


In a whole new semester, Stiles need to choose an optional course and get the credit. After he thoughtfully went through the whole courses list, he decided to choose Lecturer Derek Hale’s “Appreciation and Analysis of Modernist Poetry”.it just because he thought the name Derek Hale gave Stiles himself an old -fashion and pedantic impression——and Stiles has a theory that this kind of teacher might be easy to deal with?(To be honest, nothing is impossible.)

Then, our story has begun.


At the end,derek leaves his place,so stiles doesn’t meet him.

I just believe they will finally meet again , so i draw it into a pic .Thank  my friend for her support and agreement.So i can do this<3

STEREK  should be the sugar,right? ;P

BGM:was it love- Paul Hardcastle 

Teen Wolf: a suprising review by me

Can I just take a moment to share may amazement at MTV’s Teen Wolf-

I mean, a couple years ago I saw the pilot previews and the initial advertising and I was like pfffft.  A TV serise based off a (glorious, but cheesy as fuck) 80’s movie? Dear god this is going to be worse than Twilight with the pointless Teenage angst! And on MTV too, really guys.

Then last year during finals week I got bored as hell and after seeing some interesting tumblr posts (looking at you sterick) I decided, what the heck, I haven’t illegally pirated any TV shows off the internet lately, lets try Teen Wolf.

Dear god in heaven, MTV where ever you found those writers, KEEP THEM. Jesus, cherish them!

Things I love:

1) Everything about Styles; He’s the a little bit of Dean Winchester, Amy Pond and John Watson (BBC) all rolled into one, and if they were a smart ass teenager. He’s great, he’s loyal, and he’s clever.

2) The fact that they have an openly gay character, that doesn’t really act gay, and they don’t make a big deal about it.: Its like, yeah he’s gay, he play’s sports, and he’s our friend- not a big deal. And they are totally comfortable showing him in a gay relationship. Props for the non-homophobia

3) The fact that the show is steadily getting darker and darker, but not losing it’s comedic relief; I hate it when shows spiral down into a pool of dark misery and bad decisions that just make it painful to watch a show, but your so attached to the characters you can’t stop. This show maintains it’s sense of hope, which is great.

4) The characters are pretty realistic. They are loyal, they are brave, and they are strong. Sure they mess up, they get scared, but they also do the right thing sometimes. Some shows you’ve got a group of friends and all it is is back stabbing and sleeping with each other behind one another backs. I don’t know about you guy’s, but I would trust my friends with my life and there is nothing on this earth that would make me betray them or hurt them. They are family, and family means not only making sacrifices for each other, but forgiving each other when you mess up.

Anyway, Teen Wolf. You have my approval. I know how desperate you were for it. 

don’t screw this up…