‘Aaron Vanderkley - Filmmaker’ is thrilled to announce the pre-production of an exciting new project. SARAH JANE INVESTIGATES is an original six-part web series from the world of BBC’s 'Doctor Who’ which tells the exploits of young investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith after her extraordinary travels through time and space.

Set in 1981, SARAH JANE INVESTIGATES follows our favourite intrepid reporter on thrilling adventures and chilling mysteries, promising an entertaining insight into an unexplored period of the life of Doctor Who’s greatest companion, Sarah Jane Smith.  


It took over a year, but I’m pretty much finished. The lighting’s not so great in my room so the background colors in these pics aren’t done justice. I wanted the background area to look sort of supernova-ish so I used some really vibrant pinks/purples as well as lighter blues and black. I’m just gonna add in some stars as an after effect. This thing is huge!