[ENG] 150317 MBC every1 Match Made in Heaven Returns 02 (Taemin Cuts)
Watch here | Credit: funpurpo

I was thinking of doing this post before all this sudden travel of SHINee to Bangkok, so I’m sorry if I’m late. Nobody has asked me about SHINee’s comeback rumors, but I think to know more about what has been happening. Last time I said here that SM confirmed that SHINee is preparing right now their comeback, but since then, SHINee’s members started to give more clues about it (and shawols trying to think about what’s going on). I repeat that these are only rumors, speculations and everything can be different.

About Onew: on April 4, Onew opened his instagram (dlstmxkakwldrl) and, since then, he started to post lots of photos of walls (I suppose that he’s just trolling to fans), always writing on description “벽” (“wall”). But shawols have been trying to find clues about SHINee’s comeback (maybe too hard, lol). At this post, apart of showing the known clouds courtain (their rehearsal room, from SM old building if I’m not wrong), he has written “오”, that can mean an interjection (“oh!” or something like this) and also can mean “5”. Since this “5” has been repeated 18 times, many shawols think that Onew has referred to ‘May 18’. Of course this is just an speculation and still this comeback is not confirmed to be on May. Remember that SHINee World IV will be hold on May 15, 16 & 17, just before May 18. So maybe Onew is trying to give us clues about their comeback, and if he’s not, he will do it for sure.

About Jonghyun: he has been shyly talking about SHINee been preparing for their comeback through his radio program 'Blue Night’. Also these last days he has been denying that he didn’t dye his hair (read on fyjjong), and at his last visit to SSTP (video), he hid his hair, that looked pretty dark. Of course we had seen today that he dyed his hair as all SHINee members did. (Maybe he passed from black hair to silver/purple hair).

And today, suddenly all SHINee’s members changed their looks: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. Actually there’s no schedule planned on Bangkok these days, but they’re travelling there. Some shawols are thinking that they might travel to Bangkok to prepare their MV. It’s just an speculation, of course, because there’s no official schedule of them in Bangkok, so they’re hiding something. Sorry if I’m wrong at some points, I just wanted to sum up what has been happening these days with all members, since Taemin has been seen for last time at Malaysia’s concert (he talked before about SHINee preparing their comeback) and we’re only seeing him at JTBC 'I’m Going to School’ show, that was recorded on March. SHINee will be back soon! And I’ll try to make you known about everything the best way I can.