[Elle Men] Leader Onew described SHINee as being a movie to him.

This ‘movie/show’ has been carried out/acted in for 7 years, the five members have already been through various hundreds of experiences with various flavours and (we) will let five of them talk about it. [T/N: Written in article writer’s narration]

Most happy memory: Standing on the stage, that has always been the happiest thing. Every time we perform, we are all very happy. Regardless of the type of stage, it is also good. When (we) stand on stage, our mood becomes good.

Most sad memory: When Minho’s leg got injured during this round of song promotions and as such, wasn’t able to stand on the stage with us [T/N: Eg. SWC Taiwan] At that time, we were very sad every time. It was like our hearts were burning with anxiety. Because every member has experienced injuries, whether big or small, every time our line up is not complete/someone is missing, we feel really sad/upset.

Most unforgettable memory: Every time we complete a stage/performance, when a concert ends, they are all unforgettable memories. Earlier (this year), when we finished our concert at Tokyo Dome, the members were so touched that they cried and that should be counted as the most unforgettable memory.

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(interview) ‘elle’ men magazine
shinee’s goals/thoughts about turning 30

onew: before 30, i should have enlisted into the army or within 5 years, i may have already been discharged from the army. be it now or later, my life goal is for shinee to get people’s recognition. next time, if there is an oppurtunity, i really wish to buy a boat and travel around the world via the boat.
taemin: just like everyone, my goal is to work hard at my job but sometimes, it gets too busy.
key: my goal is to work hard while living and i want to work hard at my job. then, i will be able to buy whatever i want to.
minho: i have already debuted for 7 years. i have matured a lot and also expierienced a lot. before 30, i really wish to travel. travelling by myself is fine, travelling with shinee is also fine.
jonghyun: the things i wish to do before i turn 30 are too many. there are too many things i want to do which i had previously planned and now, they keep appearing in my mind again. in the past, i wanted to get married before 30 and now, it is surely no longer the case. it seems only possible by 30 and i don’t know if that is really possible then? there is also one which has to be fulfilled, which is that i really want to publish a copy of my own book!

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