“Distract yourself” is the worst advice. Sooner or later you’ll face it and the longer you distract yourself, the more it haunts you.
—  stuff that took me a while to understand #7

why do kpop fans always defend idols when they say/do something racist? if a black or white person said something about koreans you all would be mad as hell. but it’s ok for these petty idols to be racist. smh. 

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hi, i wanted to let you know that your colourings are just so pretty. like how??? also, i saw your colouring tutorial and i was wondering if you'd be willing to make one focusing on hair? (like the recent shishio one bc black hair is hard to colour but you made it look so flawless?? it's totally okay if you don't have the time though)

ANON YOU FLATTER ME AJDHLA— and aahhh I am honestly actually really bad at colouring hair so I’m just ???? at this but I will try my best to make a good tutorial!!! 

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Tessa & Scott, Canada’s sweethearts (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧<
                                 — for @fuckstruckswan ♥ happy birthday Joanie! :)
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