welp we got a cardboard iole.

the school board is made of bunch of assholes who didn’t gave us any platforms to present our own works and they shoved us to far back of the exhibit room. apparently they were also very rude to our teacher and she left mid-meeting to protest it by refusing to join to the exhibit.

now, i get her, i do. but woman, you are a teacher. you made these people study and flourish, you gave them hopes and you made them prepare these presentations for whole week and then you just decide to leave it? too afraid to slam your hand to desk to demand what we should be getting but let down all your students instead?

i am not sure who i am more pissed at…

anyways, in the end, i brought my own easel back from the storage and used it to secure the little space we had. then i decided i am not going to give up on my class so i went to a friend to get an iole cardboard. i am gonna put this at the end of the room and it’s going to EXPLODE into people’s eyes with all its colours and hugeness and carry attention to the end of the room, to us. even if we have to present those designs attached on chairs.

of course at the time i was back with it, i couldn’t find the responsible teacher who had the keys and the gallery was already locked up. so i went to the castle/museum security and ask them if we could store iole in their backroom, which they were very nice and helpful.

basically iole is having a night out in a museum, maybe she will come to life! i think she would like it, eh? i mean she got a lot of chances to meet with some hot and cute people.

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Disclaimer: yes this is exactly the same idea that Lisjonok has been doing, and I cannot recommend Li more highly if you’re also after some adorable character art. I just wanted to give this idea a try, and I’m trying very hard to make sure I don’t undercut them, or impede on times when Li is streaming.

I will be taking 3, if I can get them (this is very last minute) and please have references ready. Anything that you feel most accurately portrays your character, including faceclaims or hairstyle references.

USD $20 for colour (above examples)

USD $15 for Black and White (or, toned to what colour you’d like)

As this is the first one of these I’m doing, I’ll only be doing individual characters for now.

Once we discuss what you’re after, I’ll send you an invoice and you can watch me get to work on your piece :>

Hope to see you there!


Six commissioned done in Sunday’s stream: Ocht'ria'gene for Lyric (done earlier in the week), Ayalieth for her player as a gift from Lilly, Sond'alet for Daxtered, Esorr Azuka for @hollywithaneye and Rixik for her friend, Allspice for @calleo , and Mara “Scully” for @catoncoals!