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It was amazing to me sleeping with sirens for the second time last February they mean a lot to me! I First discovered sleeping with sirens three years ago after my mom passed away they have helped me through everything! I have their lyrics tattooed sometimes you gotta fall before you fly it was amazing to show them that when I met them! Words cannot describe how much their music means to me! They have helped me through depression, heartache and so much more! I love them so much!! Me (next to kellin) and my friend Meagan (next to jack) got to meet them on the world tour it was amazing the show was awesome!!

Listening to music with headphones is like having your own lil mini concert in your head. With headphones, the music sounds so clear and you even hear little background instruments that you never heard before in the song and it makes the song even better to you than it was before and idk man, headphones just makes the music sound so much better, like, if you close your eyes you can imagine the band itself playing the song for you.
  • <p><b></b> And if that isn't cool af, I don't really know what is.<p/></p>