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Woogyu thing where they have a falling out of some sort (like a really bad fight) and then gyu works himself sick? Your writing is wonderful!!

“go fuck yourself.” the words were harshly spat at sunggyu, causing an unpleasant shiver to run through him. he watched in silence as woohyun left the elder’s room, and then the dorm. the door slammed shut behind him and sunggyu found the strength in his legs failing him, as he slumped against the wall. letting his eyes closed, he willed back tears, and told himself that this will blow over; just as their other arguments had gone. 

the following day they were to go to practice; just warming up over their usual dances and thinking of what type of choreography would fit in with their title song for their comeback - which was, in sunggyu’s mind, much too soon. he was tired, tired because he couldn’t sleep at all the night before - but still he moved with as much vigor and speed as the others. infinite couldn’t afford to be slowed down by sunggyu; not again. he remembrances a time where he was too slow, too lax - he can’t do that anymore. so he pushes himself. 

the next week or so goes on like that; with him pushing his limits, with woohyun not looking at him, or speaking to him - or even acknowledging his existence. by now everyone seemed to have noticed they had a falling out; but also some noticed him. 

“yah, hyung.” sungyeol was the first one to speak up about it at practice about a week and a half after his fight with woohyun, sunggyu found himself glancing up at his taller friend, and giving a nod of his head. “yeah?”

“you look dead.”

the words were blunt, but he could hear the undertone of worry in the younger’s voice. he tries to smile, but his lips seem to only twitch slightly instead - “i’m fine.”

“you’re obviously not. listen; i don’t care what went on with you and woohyun but you’re suffering from it-”

“yeol.” sunggyu whispered, cutting the other off,  “please. i don’t want to talk about this okay? i’m fine.” 

of course, his words meant nothing when sunggyu found his vision blurring and his body falling forward. he fell right into sungyeol’s arms - and could barely hear the screams of the other members. perhaps it was wishful thinking but he thought he heard woohyun’s voice call his name as well. 

when sunggyu came to, he found himself laying on his bed back at the dorm. he wasn’t alone though, woohyun was standing off to the side, staring at him. with his lashes fluttering, he kept his gaze on the younger.

“why such the long face?” he whispered, “i would’ve thought you’d be happy to see me like this now.”

oh shut the fuck up-”

woohyun pushed away from the wall and kneeled by the bed, before brushing back sunggyu’s fringe, “you’re an idiot but i do love you - and i almost had a heart attack when you fell head first into sungyeol’s arms. we all did - what the hell sunggyu? you haven’t been sleeping, eating? it’s not like you.”

“i’ve been sad…obviously.”

“…it’s…. me ignoring you did this?”

turning his head away from woohyun’s hand, sunggyu closed his eyes. “of course it did. i love you too, and seeing the person you love ignore you for so long…hurts.”

“…i just wanted you to know how i felt; but i think i over did it.”

“if you were upset that i wasn’t paying enough attention to you, you should have just stuck to me like glue instead.”

there was silence, and then he felt the bed shift and woohyun crawl beside him. “i admit that i was a little too angry about you hanging out with your friends from other groups - and jealous; and i’m sorry that i put you through that.”

“honestly you look like shit and i should have realized sooner - i’m so sorry sunggyu.”

“…it’s okay.”

sunggyu rolled over and pressed his face to woohyun’s shoulder, before closing his eyes. “when i wake up again you’re buying me food though.”


“and i’m going to eat a lot.

“of course.”