Suits 6x07 Review

Another week and another solid episode. This season is finally hitting its stride after a very rocky start. There are still some things I’m not crazy about in this episode but overall I enjoyed it. Plus it was nice to see Gretchen and Robert Zane back and Neal McDonough as Sean Cahill continues to be one of my favorite things about this season. Can we keep him? Can’t he become a regular next season?

The parallels this episode drew between their two main plots and the way time is ticking for both Harvey and Mike in getting Mike out and Rachel and Jessica in freeing an innocent man worked really well and kept things moving. I also thought this episode did a good job of pulling Louis and Donna out from their isolated island and into the main action some.

For the most part this episode did a lot right but there are also some missteps for me still but more on that and the rest of my review of Suits Episode 6x07 - Shake The Trees under the cut.

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sometimes u casually mention to ur cis dude flatmates that u sort of run a tumblr w/ 20,000 followers that basically just posts pictures of women in suits and there’s a pause and then one of them just goes “does it have that picture of Sigourney Weaver in a suit because that’s a great picture” & then u google it and ur like……….yep, fair