karl urban on the star trek set

Uhura in the Q'onos fight in STID- why she is awesome but double standards suck

So I’ve seen a lot of posts and online articles on how it’s anti-feminist that has Uhura has to be rescued by Khan in STID. “In the end the negotiations failed and she needs to be rescued it’s so sexist!” But let us check some facts shall we?

1. Three Klingon vessels

2. All the men are helpless and are left to rely on her

3. Uhura faces an entire platoon alone with no assurance of survival. Note this is the first time she did this in like 47 years of canon. In TOS it’s always the macho Captain Kirk who faces the enemies!

Then she gets rescued by Khan! The death of feminism! She has to be rescued by a male!

4. The fight left the mighty Captain Kirk beaten, lying like this on the ground with two Klingons about kill him when Khan fired shots and saved his life

5. Uhura is the first to see Captain Kirk down and runs to him. Spock joins her to protect him.

They had to drag him to a safer place

But hahaha nobody remembers that Kirk has to be rescued by Khan, that Uhura actually protected him and that Khan actually rescued ALL OF THEM. But nope! Uhura has to be rescued by a male, so weak of her!

Last fact: In Star Trek III, this is Kirk, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, McCoy, Saavik trying to save a helpless Spock and one Klingon. Nuff said.