We all hold on to shit we don’t need
for reasons we can’t fully articulate.
scraps of paper
empty water bottles
shirts with holes
old love letters
and the feeling of this time, last year.
I save my dead pens
my crackled cell phone chargers
my grandmother’s recipes even though I know them by heart.
I’ve got a closet full of saved
old stuff.
What am I saving it from?
Some of it doesn’t mean a thing.

Some of it, though, does.

Why is sans so popular?

He’s deep. Unlike Asgore or Alphys, his backstory is much deeper.

In addition, while Asgore may know about resets (Alphys most certainly does not, otherwise she would be way more depressed), Sans directly addresses you. Asgore most likely only knows about reloads.

“You don’t know how this feels, knowing that one day… it’s all going to be reset.”

Sans’s entire actions in the underground revolve a plan crafted by him.

Secretly, he’s not lazy at all. He gives you, the anomaly, the player, the impression that he is lazy, because normally you would never except the laziest monster in the underground to be the most powerful. Notice how he’s only lazy on screen, behind your back he’s following you around, watching you, and doing his various jobs.

In Grillby’s, he reveals, when you say his brother is uncool, that although he likes being called lazy, nothing could be farther from the truth. And it is true.

Sans runs a total of 4 Sentry Stations, a hot dog stand, a comedian job, watches over you through the underground, is the judge in judgement hall, as well works in his personal lab.

As far as friendships goes, he’s probably the friendliest monster in the underground. Everyone in Hotland likes him, same with Snowdin. Alphys, Toriel, and Undyne are also friends with Sans. In terms of popularity, he’s probably the fourth most popular, behind Asgore, Undyne, and Mettaton.

On top of all that, his backstory is incredibly woven.

He knows what human cars and human food are. He bleeds when he’s slain. He’s the only character to “die” offscreen, if he dies at all. He’s confirmed to have been involved with the True Lab in the past. He has a smile glued to his face. He has a photo of a group of people that you never meet throughout the whole game. He has a photo of three people labelled “don’t forget”. He has his own personal lab, with a mysterious broken machine. He somehow has the True Pacifist ending photo, despite you going back in time to reload your game.

In addition, he’s held off Flowey for thousands of resets. Every time Flowey has done a Genocide run, he’s been there. To keep the world in balance. He’s watched his friends die countless times. He’s forced himself not to intervene though. Do you know how hard it is to be one of the most popular monsters in the underground, yet forced to be a spectator most of the time because he has to stop the world from ending?

Also puns.

He’s such a diverse, complex character. It’s like we know so much about it yet nothing at all. The character that never fights you is the final boss of Genocide. He knows about resets and determination. He’s friendly, enjoyable, yet he has this side job he never tells anyone about.

Meanwhile, while Gaster may be interesting, we know barely anything about him. We don’t even know what he looks like. The only thing we know is that he was the Royal Scientist, he made the Core, and an experiment went wrong, causing him to be scattered across space and time. That’s it. Because we know so little, its essentially pure speculation.

Chara and Papyrus are mysterious, sure, but not on the level that Sans is.

Source: Archer_ninja Reddit

anonymous asked:

I have this headcanon that when doing mundane shit around the house or whatever, Yuuri listens to music w/ headphones on and a lot of the time will just start singing aloud the lyrics to cheesy pop music unbeknownst to Victor literally dying from how cute he is.

omg yes