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We’re excited to announce our new video series, Dudes Talking S#*t in a Truck, hosted by @josemangin! What happens when he takes @paparoach, @stonesour, @avengedsevenfold, and more of your fav bands for a ride in the @originalzippo Jeep? You’ll find out starting next week!! #zippo #zipporide #zippoencore #paparoach #korn #inflames #stonesour #a7x #mshadows #nitastrauss

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Stone Sour

I know I’ll never go home again
I need a little more but I will take what I can get
I promise you everything… everything
Just don’t forget me in the end

Right in front of my face, and in between our little wars
This was something I couldn’t have and that just made me
Want it more
Now I know the reason I was built like this
Now I know why I am here… I am here for you