One Thing I Think a Few People Have Missed

is that part of Pearl’s breakdown wasn’t just realizeing rose didn’t tell her everything

it’s also because for just one moment she blamed him for everything

and she wished he would just fall

buts what’s worse is she also realized

he knew

and she was going to get her wish

but after all that…

he forgives her and loves her anyway.


Putting Ruby and Sapphire fusing into Garnet aside for a moment, can we talk about this? Rose had the choice to either go along with the gems in destroying the Earth, or go against them and save the people that resided there. She chose to go against her own kind just to protect something that some other Gems didn’t understand and didn’t want to get to understand. Not to mention that Garnet and Pearl were with her all the way. Rose protected these two with her life. They won together, side by side, not wanting to admit defeat even though there might have only been a few of them up against so many wanting to destroy something Rose found so precious.