REYLO - A Touch of Darkness

Spreading some reylo love because the last Jedi trailer has gotten me like <3 omg

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Baze “Siege weapon” Malbus.

Bet Baze looked fecking terrifying as a guardian even when he didn’t want to.

Want to try a  few more versions of this- front and side- to try and get a better idea of him wearing the Kasaya cloak wrapped over the shoulder and across the chest then tucked under bandolier to the side and back of the waist. Older Baze would have stuck as much arsenal under that as poss- but in this case it’s more for ease of movement/ covering sillouette/formal/ covers the chest area. He can still hide stuff under there though.

Although he has got his lightbow, as it’s a nigh on wookie sized bowcaster, he probably doesn’t often have it in official capacity- he’s the only one who can use it anyway, but the recoil necesssitated a built in shoulder guard, but he can still cock it one handed if he feels like it.

“Chirrut- give me your charges. (I’ve run out)”

“You’re not supposed to use ONE PER SHOT. It’s NOT A SIEGE WEAPON.”

“Why’s everyone leaving?”

“Guardian Malbus just got called in.”



“Is he still supercharging his lightbow.”

“He says he’s sorted out the problem with kickback and it’s more accurate?.”

“Yeeeahhh. So he can HIT AND DESTROY something the size of the temple gates- THAT’S also broadly “accurate”. Lets clear the civillians.”

(All HC)

Baze Malbus in his Guardian of the Whills uniform. I half also want to give him a really long form covering jacket as I half think despite his penchant for blasters, he’s also fairly bookish and covers up as much as possible in a sort of bookworm student sort of way.

He bulks up during weaponsmith training- though he was pretty big beforehand?

Things he has minor rebellions about where the masters find he’s just as muleish as Chirrut- Chirrut, blasters and his hair. Not EVERY alien has hair, so why all the humans have to shave theirs feels an arbitrary rule.

(All HC)


I’ve wanted “this set” for a very long time, and Lego finally gave us it. The Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike have always been my favorite Starwars trooper/vehicle.

Needless to say, I think this set is top notch. The figure is good on its own, and the vehicle’s details are increadibly accurate to that of the ones in the movies.


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