Back to school in two days and I can’t be more excited!!!! Honestly, the last time I was this enticed to go back to school was in my third year in high school. Now as I am entering my third year in university 4 years after, I’m feeling it again. Maybe there’s just something about third years. Haha. Anyway, here’s a little something from my first semester last year!

This is an 8-page bullet reviewer from my HST 201B (Mainland Southeast Asia) class on the country of Laos. Basically, I annotated and highlighted a lot which made it easier for me to understand everything. I don’t really do this to other subjects (forgive my bias) as I take my history classes VERY seriously for everything about history will always be my favorite subject. 


  1. ANNOTATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS: I printed it with a 4-inch (not sure) space at the left side which is where I will place details about the bullets. For example, the first bullet states “LDR: The Lao People’s Democratic Republic”, and my job is to highlight the main point which is “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” and put what it’s about on the left side of it. In this case, the answer is “Official name”. So if I decide to test my self, I will simply cover the right portion and try to answer them myself.
  2. COLORFUL POST-ITS: As you can see I placed colorful post-its for mnemonics or figures or additional info about the bullet. For example, the second bullet pointed out the countries that share borders with Laos– Thailand, Burma, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. So my job is to put a small post-it underneath and place the first letters of the countries– “T-B-Ch-V-Ca” for easier memorization.
  3. YELLOW POST-ITS: I put those yellow post-its at the bottom right part of the reviewers labeled as “POINTS TO REMEMBER” to put anything that I think would be significant answers on the exam in that particular page. They could be people, dates, doctrines/treaties, etc.
  4. VOCABULARY: I basically underline (with a black pen or any pen) a word that I don’t understand and put its meaning beside it.

Color-coding content:

  • ANNOTATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS: I use two colors to highlight the bullets. Nothing is color-coded bec I just want to use them alternately so that words would be easier to find and everything won’t make me feel dizzy. As for the annotations, two colored pens were used as well, which were then partnered with a corresponding highlighter. 
    • yellow highlighter on the right side, blue pen on the annotations on the left side
    • orange highlighter on the right, green pen on the left
    • black for the chapter/titles and vocabulary
  • COLORFUL POST-ITS (mnemonics):
    • pink for mnemonics
    • green for figures (land area, population, stats, etc.)
    • blue for additional info
  • YELLOW POST-ITS (important terms):
    • green for general state description/events
    • blue for politics
    • orange for places
    • violet for important people

That’s it! This is how it works for me but I’m pretty sure it looks messy for others. Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted so I wanted to share this, and if it helped/something isn’t clear, just let me know


P.S. They have captions.

I actually like star trek because it’s set in the one future where humanity actually Gets Its Shit Together. you know. like ‘goddamn look at the possibilities’ instead of just the usual dystopian take of the bajillion ways mankind will destroy the planet. that has its place, sure. but it’s nice to imagine an alternative.



I had to combine so many of these panels which I REALLYYYY hate but I couldn’t bring myself to cut this one up into two parts. OH WELL THIS is good…enough . ..

Also for those who don’t know The Little Mermaid reference is to the original story lmao yep I’m a Comedy Genius gotta explain My Jokes