[SSTV] 소녀시대 서현(SEO HYUN)·니콜(NICOLE), 블랙스완처럼 고혹적인 자태 ‘여신 인정’ (헤라서울패션위크)

Above is the decoded image of this SSTV signal on askloona.


Equestrian Defence Agency

C.S Canterlot

This document contains information of the [Nightmare Moon] Coverup. By direct orders of Princess Celestia, this article is to remain TOP SECRET. This covers aspects such as: Documents(1), Story(2), Members(3), Organizations(4) and Summary(5).

[Princess Luna’s] Banishment is a Government Program, and shall not be taken as offensive, but for safety  reasons taken up by EDOD.

This document is protected under S.e.4.4.4, any unauthorized personell to view this document shall be [REDACTED].

- J. Seahoof, C.S Canterlot