spacehunter-m  asked:

Do you mind if I ask what's the process for your slow scan TV modulation stuff? Like, how controllable are the results?

yeah, absolutely. it’s fairly easy to get the effect you’re looking for but there’s usually a bit of trial and error to find the right combination

i use ve3nea’s sstv signal generator to generate the sstv audio file. (i’ve only really used the robot 36 format, but that’s just because i haven’t spent the time to try out the others. i’m not quite sure what applying the effects below to other formats would look like but it’d be worth trying out.) unfortunately that program can’t really be automated so for longer gifs with multiple input frames i currently just have to increment a number and press the generate button a lot (i really should look into other apps for that)

for decoding the signal, i use rx-sstv. if i’m in a place where having a bunch of noise is reasonable, i’ll just plug in my earbuds and put them over their microphone and turn up the volume but if having it play out loud isn’t quite acceptable i use vb-cable to just route my computer’s output to its input. it isn’t quite as “authentically analog” that way but it’s close enough

if i don’t feel like doing anything distortiony i’ll just play through the files, but i use audacity for adding effects. here’s some examples of the effects i’ve found work best below the read more (i’m so sorry for mobile users that aren’t interested in this)

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